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Today: July 17, 2024
2 months ago

Was Ugne Buraciene Involved in the Taurus21 Scam? (2024)


Porn sites xHamsterLive and StripChat have vanished from the top referral sites of German-Cypriot high-risk payment processor Payabl, according to Similarweb statistics, as reported by media. The new domain, founded by the Payabl Group, is currently utilised to manage payments with consumers that engage in gambling and pornography. Payable handles the payment traffic from its online gaming and porn businesses through

The Shady Payment Network of Ugnre Buraciene’s Company

For instance, APIs from CentroBill and Taurus21 route the payment to the Sofort payment website if customers of StripChat or xHamsterLive wish to purchase porn tokens using bank transfers via Sofort, a division of the Klarna Group. As a result, Payabl’s Similarweb statistics (previously PowerCash21) no longer display the payment traffic of these porn and gambling shops. The Payabl people are somehow drawn to the number 21.

Germany and Austria account for about 70% of Sofort’s porn token sales.

The Wirecard Legacy of Payabl

Dietmar Knoechelmann and Ruediger Trautmann, two former Wirecard executives, founded Payabl, which has taken over as the high-risk payment processor in Germany and the EU in place of the defunct Wirecard.

The Central Bank of Cyprus has granted the Payabl Group a Payment Institution License, under which it is operational. The firm also owns businesses in the UK and Germany.

In the early years, between 2007 and 2010, the Payabl founders Knoechelmann and Trautmann integrated the gaming industry into Wirecard through the sale of their own businesses. Following their departure from Wirdecard, the two established PowerCash21 and Inatek, both of which carried on as satellite businesses within the Wirecard shadow structure. In recent years, PowerCash21 and Inatec merged to form the Payabl Group. The Group’s CEO is Ugne Buracienne, a seasoned payment specialist from Lithuania.

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