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Today: July 17, 2024
5 months ago

Sexual Offence Charges on Matthew Cook Maine? (2024)


The birthplace of Matthew Cook Maine was Penobscot Country, Maine. By finishing his undergraduate studies at the University of Maine, he pursues his studies. He was employed with the Maine YMCA Swim League as Head Coach. It is situated in the American city of Maine and is a component of the membership organisations industry.

His career as a fisherman in the North Atlantic Ocean has improved.

Matthew Cook Maine states that he spent more than five years there as an employee. He returned to school after finishing his career and eventually obtained a South Carolina real estate licence.

He has spent the last twenty-five years honing his real estate platform expertise by selling an excessive number of residences. He also obtains a real estate licence in South Carolina’s Beaufort County. Along with his three kids and wife, he resides there.

For many years, Matthew Cook Maine taught swim lessons at the YMCA in Bangor. He is being investigated for an alleged sex crime.

Matthew CooK Maine was accused of having intercourse with a lady who was eighteen years old, an accusation he refuted.

An attorney claims that Matthew has driven in Southern Maine alongside the assistant swim coach.

A woman complained that Matthew Cook stroked her thigh and breast instinctively throughout the automobile trip and asked to do more.

Matthew Cook, Maine: Trial of a YMCA swim instructor for an alleged unfounded sexual offence

The alleged offence was related to an event that transpired in March 2018 and included Matthew Cook and an 18-year-old lady. This incident occurred during the vehicle ride to Bangor following the swimming practice.

As stated in the News Center Maine story,

On Friday afternoon, the jury declared former Bangor Region YMCA swim coach Matthew Cook Maine not guilty. During a car ride from Brunswick to Bangor, something happened when the instructor met an eighteen-year-old woman. At the time, they were both swimming teachers.

After almost two days of the trial and several hours of deliberation among the jury, the verdict was rendered. Witnesses at the scene included the CEO of the YMCA, Daine Dickerson, coworker, and complainant Matthew Cook Maine.

CEO of the Bangor Region YMCA Dickerson stated in court that the 18-year-old lady he performed the incident with, Matthew Cook Maine, was seated next to him. The CEO also stated that he took Cook on leave from the organisation.

Matthew Cook Maine took his stand on an unlawful sex crime charged against him in March of 2018. He mentioned that an incident does not happen, and an incorrect statement has been made by the woman.

Sam Rogers, also tweeted in the favour of Matthew Cook Maine:

Jeffrey Toothaker, Matthew Cook’s lawyer, testified on his behalf.

In his closing remarks to the jury, state attorney Joshua Saucier said that casual banter and lighthearted chat can not excuse inappropriate physical contact with another person. He continues by saying that Matthew couldn’t have touched the woman in any other obvious way.

Defence attorney Jeffrey Toothaker often brought up the unpredictable nature of the affidavit between the woman and Matthew Cook Maine to the jurors in his closing remarks.

The witness is provided by Matthew Cook Maine, his coworker, and a YMCA teacher. She consistently acts extremely “pleasant and adoring with him.”

The defence attorney consistently acknowledges as fact that Matthew Cook Maine’s testimonial report contained a hint.

According to Matthew Cook’s prosecutor, Jeffrey Toothaker, “the jury pieced together the entire six-month incident and painted a new picture that she had to portray at one side and Matthew portrayed the other side.” then would comprehend everything that was going on between them.

According to defence attorney Jeffrey Toothaker, the victim is not being completely honest. If she is unwilling to acknowledge the offence, there are a lot more things that have happened this year.

The defence lawyer stated that Matthew Cook Maine is eager for his life to return to normal and is anticipating to work at UPS in Brewer.

Joshua Saucier, the assistant state attorney, asserts that the district court jury’s decision has left his victim, Matthew Cook Maine, unhappy.

For city dwellers such as the lawyers, investigators, and prosecutors involved in the case, these kinds of situations are quite serious.

Impact of inappropriate sexual touching on an 18-year-old Victim 

Matthew Cook was charged with inappropriate sexual touching of an 18-year-old woman. “Sexual touching of a woman is clearly defined in the law. It is touching breasts, butt, or any other body parts without permission. 

An 18-year-old victim took a stand and filed a complaint against Mr. Cook. She also stated that the impact of that incident is very vast, and it directly affects my mental ability very harshly. I would never trust anyone in the future. There are many long-term impacts including

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Traumatic stress disorder 

The 18-year-old victim added that they had always been convinced by sexual harassment to allow people to remain silent about immoral behavior in the sake of defending a “woman’s honor.”

Before the proceedings are over, the court intends to summon at least one more witness by then. In order to give a convincing account of Matthew Cook’s character in court, the victim’s attorney also made the decision to bring one other witness.

In summary

We recommend taking the following steps in light of the study’s findings:

  • Inform people about harassment. Public bodies such as transit operators, law enforcement, and others that exercise responsibility can launch extensive education efforts to combat sexual harassment. Such campaigns can increase awareness of the issue and motivate victims and witnesses to report incidences of sexual harassment by placing advertisements and posters on transit vehicles and in transit-related locations. Awareness campaigns can also inform the public on the acts that qualify as sexual crimes, as a related research indicates that many victims did not specifically identify sexual crimes as such.
  • Make onboard surveys official. If transit operators question their passengers about their experiences with harassment through systematic surveys, they will have a better understanding of the problem and scope of harassment on their systems. Inquiries ought to focus on experiences both during and outside of the transit vehicle.
  • Safe-guard against anti-social behaviours. Many respondents also indicated that they would use transit more if they did not fear antisocial behaviours like drunkenness and obscene language. Survey respondents called for more police patrols and security cameras on both platforms and transit vehicles, to reduce antisocial behaviour.
  • Facilitate the reporting of harassment. The fact that nearly none of the victims, SJSU students, filed official reports of the crime highlights the necessity for transit providers to facilitate reporting for users of their services. Victims can report harassment and other offences in real time with the use of smartphone apps and dedicated phone lines. Pay close attention to the surroundings. The importance of maintaining well-lit and well-kept transit environments is shown by the respondents’ unequivocal statement that they were afraid of badly maintained and gloomy transit surroundings.

According to the Psych Bytes report, one in four girls is considered a victim of sexual touching;

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