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Today: July 23, 2024
5 months ago

Sexual Assault Charges on Nathan Edmonson? (2024)


The comic book artist Nathan Edmonson was accused of theft, abuse, and sexual assault, according to the most recent report. This time, he was charged with harassing Tess Fowler, an artist, in a sexual manner.

Nathan Edmonson: Who is he?

Born in Augusta, Georgia, Nathan Edmonson currently resides in Park City, Utah. 2010 saw him graduate from Mercer University’s College of Liberal Arts with degrees in both art and art history.

Nathan started a long and diverse career after completing his post-secondary education, working as a writer, consultant, and, most recently, a conservationist. His most well-known work is the creator-owned comic book series Who is Jake Ellis? for Image Comics, which he also wrote. He has also had a significant impact on the Black Widow, Iron Man, and Punisher comic book series. Nathan’s work was recently recognized on National Public Radio’s “Top 6 Comics to Pull You In” list. USA and CNN have both listed the top ten lists of his work.

In addition to creating and writing multiple pilots for renowned production firms, Nathan Edmonson also had a successful screenplay career. In 2015, Paramount Pictures acquired the rights to one of his most well-known comics, The Activity.

Nathan Edmonson’s sexual harassment

Stephanie Cooke gave her personal account of Nathan Edmonson. In a tweet, Cooke said that Edmonson had once asked her in private to see him at three in the morning because her boss had promised to show him around Toronto, her birthplace, while he was there on business. Cooke said this was a long time ago. “That wasn’t a request,” Cooke said Nathan Edmonson said after she turned it down. She wrote that he gave her the key to his hotel room and told her to go to bed and rest there while he was out. In addition, she has begged for anyone else with information regarding Edmonson to come forward.

Edmonson was charged with penning a subpar Punisher novel.

About a year ago, Ales Kot started criticising writer Nathan Edmonson and Punisher artist Mitch Gerads on Twitter for their support of right-wing, racist causes. Edmonson was also accused of creating a Punisher that was not up to par. While his involvement in a right-wing organisation called The Leadership Institute and some minor credit card theft are all that can be found on Nathan Edmonson’s web profile, there are more significant allegations that he has participated in harassing behaviour in the past, as suggested by the tweets at the Outhouse. Nevertheless, Edmonson is said to be guarded about his Google reputation, which could be the reason why not everyone who offers advice or issues cautions about him would be “in the public.”

When it comes to hanging around at conventions, Nathan Edmonson seems to have made the “that guy’s an asshole” list. Despite all the discussion about confidentiality in comics, a fairly well-known list of males (and ladies, and probably those in between) who are on this list for rude convention and barcon behaviour exists. It is only bothersome and freely discussed, neither of which is unlawful or generally actionable. The issue with this list is that occasionally one person’s buddy can be another person’s asshole. All of this does not, however, imply that Edmonson is a horrible person or that he should not be permitted to eat lunch with anybody. While occasionally it doesn’t help, this is not illegal nor even enough to get you fired from creating jobs. While working as a freelancer for a number of publications, Edmonson had engaged in additional harassing behaviour, which was known to all of them.

Many have previously asserted details concerning Nathan Edmonson, and no one has even attempted to deny these assertions. But allegations have to hold up to a certain amount of scrutiny.

In this regard, a large number of people backed Nathan Edmonson. They sent a somewhat favourable tweet regarding the use of profanity in a comic.

The recent Marvel Comics rumour

The speculations about Nathan Edmonson and Marvel Comics resurfaced after it was confirmed that he would be writing a new Red Wolf comic.

Websites aren’t posting any unfavourable information about Nathan Edmonson, though.

Why then do internet portals appear to be so afraid of Edmonson?

Not much that can be deemed proof has come to light in the public domain, despite Kot’s earlier this year request for journalists to investigate the charges. The fallacy behind the claims, however, is that he is renowned for being aggressive in maintaining his image. Even while we are aware of his membership in the right-wing organisation The Leadership Institute, this information by itself does not prove criminal activity. Apart from these allegations, Nathan Edmonson’s web record is entirely clean.

Sexual Violence (Crime for which Nathan Edmonson has been accused of)

Sexual activity that occurs without freely provided or gained consent is considered sexual violence. It is a severe public health issue in the US that has a significant influence on opportunities, well-being, and long-term health. People of all genders, sexual orientations, and ages are impacted by sexual violence, which has an effect on every community. Sexual violence can be experienced or perpetrated by anyone. Usually, the victim of sexual abuse knows the person who is abusing them; this could be a friend, coworker, neighbor, intimate partner, or family member. Sexual violence can happen in person, online, or via technology. Examples of this include non-consensual sexting, which is the publishing or sharing of another person’s sexual images without that person’s agreement.

The Final Word

Physical effects of sexual assault include bruises, genital injuries, STDs, and pregnancy (in women) in addition to psychological effects include anxiety, sadness, and suicide thoughts.

There could be long-term effects. Survivors may have recurrent issues with their reproductive, gastrointestinal, cardiovascular, and sexual health in addition to post-traumatic stress disorder.

Negative health practices are also associated with sexual violence. Those who have experienced sexual violence are more prone to smoke, abuse drink, take drugs, and partake in dangerous sexual activities.

Sexual violence survivors may experience work-related stress in the form of missed work, decreased productivity, job loss, or incapacity. These problems impair earning potential and have a long-term impact on survivors’ and their families’ financial security. It can be difficult to recover from victimisation and carry out daily responsibilities. Reestablishing personal relationships, going back to work or school, and feeling normal again may be challenging for survivors.

Furthermore, there are links between sexual violence and other types of violence. For instance, girls who have experienced sexual abuse are more likely to become victims of intimate relationship violence as adults and to encounter other forms of violence, including sexual violence. There is a connection between early middle school bullying and high school sexual harassment.

As it is in far too many businesses, harassment and assault are serious issues in the comic book industry that need to be addressed rather than ignored. Nathan Edmonson was charged with numerous major offenses, including theft, cruelty, and sexual assault. He needs to face consequences for his harassment, not for the foul language he used in the cartoon.

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