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Today: July 17, 2024
1 week ago

Scam News: Martin Rowinski Boardsi Case Update (2024)

The individual known as Martin Rowinski Boardsi is involved in fraudulent operations. His identity has been made public by a significant number of his victims, who have been vocal about their experiences on the internet. Here is a review that can provide you with further information about him:

Martin Rowskin Boardsi: An Introduction

He describes himself as an experienced professional who has claimed 25 years of experience working at the C-level. He also boasts about being the co-founder and CEO of Boardsi, which is a self-proclaimed famous SaaS-based executive recruiting organization that reportedly has operations all over the world.

Martin Rowskin Boardsi claims that he was the one who designed and oversaw the creation of their so-called proprietary platform. This platform is supposed to enable organizations to search for supposedly highly qualified Boards of Directors and Advisors from a database that he claims contains hundreds of thousands of top executives from all over the world specifically from the United States.

The CEOs of highly competitive firms are allegedly able to locate board places in a clear and uncomplicated way with the use of this program, which is another claim made about it.

For what they refer to as exponential growth, Martin Rowskin Boardsi asserts that it makes it possible to establish executive boards in a more expedient, stress-free, and cost-effective manner. More than that, they talk of establishing a business champion network for C-level executives throughout the country, even though such boasts are not supported by any evidence.

Boards: Firm of Martin Rowskin Boardsi 

The company run by Mr. Martin Rowskin, called Boardsi is the name of Martin Rowinski’s company. Executives may find advisory roles and qualified candidates via Boardsi, a modern recruiting service, according to the company’s website. We help businesses reimagine themselves and create new job prospects by combining modern technology with personal connections and a private network.

Reviews of Martin Rowskin Boardsi: Customers and Victims Reveal Scam 

Let’s go right into the reviews that have been provided by the satisfied customers of the firm that is Martin Rowinski Boardsi. The following are the reviews that have been provided:


Therefore, before moving on to the other evaluations, you may want to have a look at the analysis that Martin Rowinski Boardsi has provided about the function of the organization.

#1. Beware of Martin Rowinski Boardsi’s “SCAM” enterprise.

The customer’s worst feelings and expectations about this business were detailed in the previous review. Despite having ten years of experience leading three separate PE-backed businesses, he was given a poor grade. 

One leadership consulting business had him as its chief executive officer. He chooses to take a chance and conduct the corporate trial due to the limited time. Nevertheless, it led to his falling victim to schemers. Despite waiting six months, no board post was offered. Moreover, they failed to provide any metrics that supported their work when asked about them.

#2. Hints for making the most of your investment in Martin Rowinski Boardsi

When everything is taken into consideration, the evaluations that were shown earlier suggest that consumers believe that this firm is not worth your time or money. In the beginning, they demonstrate a stealthy approach with their tier pranks.

The prices that they have set for their services are incorrect. Nothing of value is added by them. You would be wasting your time if you downloaded a Martin Rowinski Boardsi app. In the process of seeking anything intriguing or relevant to the needed subject, searching for hours on end returns very few responses.

#3. The management of Martin Rowinski Boardsi is perplexed. 

Following the above statement, an individual is contacted by the firm running the Indian call center to let them know about a board position they are qualified for and to schedule a meeting with a representative.

See below for the next text meeting agenda. Next, the board will inquire as to whether he would want to join Boardsi. When he declined, they contacted him. “It was our misunderstanding,” they continued.

#4. Boardsi Martin Rowinski’s firm is a trap. 

The firm and its ideals are a wishful misinformation trap, based on the aforementioned assessment. The company will pay you if you have the real experience necessary to be considered for a paid board post. Businesses that specialize in board placement and executive search abound.

They are paid to locate board members, and they need to know who qualifies. It costs nothing to play.

The person had just ended a conversation with one of these salesmen. They don’t make any inquiries about prerequisites or try to figure out whether you’re even qualified for any jobs. They entice you with promises of $400 ($200 down payment, $195 monthly). Thus, try not to waste any time.

#5. There is a “Bait & Switch Scheme” with Martin Rowinski Boardsi

As stated in the review above, on April 10, 2023, someone was given a false impression, which they discovered when they were called to discuss the open roles. He addressed a tough inquiry to someone at a contact center who was unprepared.

This is the exact email he got from a member of the boardsi Research Team:

The email said that his firm is searching for people for various available paid advisory and board posts, and asked if I would like to chat about them for a few minutes that week. Feel free to go through their schedule for an entertaining activity that suits you, he said.

He was not aware of these specific roles at all until he spoke with another member of the research team. When he asked whether the call was a sales call, the other member informed him that there was a membership fee. When he informed him that the outreach had indicated particular roles for which they were seeking, he didn’t know how to respond.

The only thing that went well was that the person on the other end of the telephone seemed indifferent to whether or not he subscribed to their database.

#6. Customer reviews advise against doing business with Martin Rowinski Boardsi

Their grand ambition in the last review was to give you thousands of dollars in exchange for your distant advice and amazing chances. To create an account with the firm, you will need to pay USD 200, however. Please stay away from such shady people.

#7. Martin Rowinski Boardsi is a hoax, therefore avoid it. 

In the evaluation stated above, the subject shared his negative experience with Martin Rowinski Boardsi. He signed up for Boardsi and paid the monthly fees. During my onboarding meeting with a Boardsi representative, I was advised that not all of the available positions are on their website.

He was informed that a partner would be assigned to help him find possibilities that would be appropriate. I went to someone else on a second visit to get some basic data for a Boardsi resume. They then gave him some time to browse their website’s employment listings. About ten applications were completed by him.

Even now, no one from Boardsi has been in touch with him. Not even name the applications he wrote, much less offer an update. Regarding the individual who worked in the background and was expecting to find suitable jobs among the hundreds of vacancies that seem to be gone from their website, he heard nothing back.

He phoned them many times, and each time they told him that they could see he had applied for a new job and that things took time. He has already terminated his membership and written the whole ordeal off as a negative experience.

He decided not to hold himself to the high standards of the Boardsi employment hunt. They are setting up irrational expectations for the work and services they do. Nice way to get wealthy quickly if you can obtain a consistent flow of clients to pay a one-time setup charge, a few months of subscription fees, and then stop.

#8. Customers don’t always receive what they want!

The Board Career Coach said before that some consumers who have previously enrolled with Martin Rowinski Boardski’s firm are not happy. They claim that what they had hoped for to help them get onto the board was not precisely what they got.

#9. Martin Rowinski Boardsi’s organization does not have any relationship with the people or advice it offers

The experience holder claims in his evaluation that he lacks the data needed to confirm if someone has applied for a job as a board director or advisor using a specific service or platform called Boardsi.

A website known as Boardsi exists to assist individuals in locating directorships and boards of advisors with various firms. It is rare to get offers to serve on advisory boards or boards of directors from interactions like these.

Whether a candidate is successful in gaining a board seat via an organization like Boardsi depends on many criteria, including their education, talents, and suitability with the job and company.

#10. Avoid Martin Rowinski Boardsi

The research that was recently offered demonstrates that the Boardsi is nothing more than a complete and utter sham. For the reason that it will not provide you with any kind of potential to make a profit, the reviewer strongly suggests that you do not go forward with it. 


Boardsi, run by Martin Rowinski Boardsi, comes across in the aforementioned evaluations and testimonials in a very bad light. A lot of unhappy customers have accusations against the business, including dishonesty, bad service, and unfulfilled promises. 

Members have complained that they wasted a lot of money on memberships and services that didn’t help them in any way and that many of them never even got the advisory or board seats they were promised. 

Negligible customer service, deceptive advertising, inefficient board role matching, and a lack of real assistance are common complaints.

Boardsi is more of a money-making scam than a real executive recruitment service, according to several critics, who also think that the company’s claims about its unique platform and vast executive network are exaggerated. 

Many feel duped and conned by the constant pitch of upfront costs without matching real advantages. 

According to these complaints, prospective customers are strongly advised not to work with Boardsi since the company does not live up to its claims and is not a reliable choice for those looking for executive consulting or board placements.

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