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Today: July 17, 2024
2 weeks ago

Sanat Ranganathan: An Abuser? (2024)

Sanat Ranganathan, a lawyer, intimidated and verbally harassed a female coworker and got away with it all. It was not too long ago that he achieved this.

Since Sanat Ranganathan was an attorney and the female employee was a janitor, he was exempt from repercussions for his actions.

In the review that follows, I have gone into detail about the incident in which he verbally abused a female coworker. Furthermore, I have personally felt the effects of his decisions: 

Sanat Ranganathan: An Introduction

Sanat is an attorney and the lead attorney at Sanat Ranganathan & Associates. He grew up in Asia, but he has also lived a significant amount of time in England and Holland.

Sanat attended the legal schools at Warwick University, Leiden University Europa Institute, and Duke University in the United States, the United Kingdom, and the United States, respectively.

According to companies, he has helped them with civil rights, international law, commercial law, contract formulation, and dispute settlement. His current role at Sanat Ranganathan Law Offices is that of principal attorney.

To date, one of his greatest achievements is his appointment as university counsel at Northern Illinois University. His behavior of a female janitor there caused her to become traumatized. The section that follows this review will provide further information on the event.  

Regarding the “Reprimand” issued to Sanat Ranganathan for his verbal and physical abuse of a female employee

Actually, What happened in the incident?

In 2019, Susan Phelps was cleaning Altgeld Hall’s third floor. This building also houses the NIU president’s office.

She said that she was cleaning when a man’s voice questioned what she was doing.

Sanat Ranganathan appeared out of nowhere and took action.

He is said to have yelled at Susan when she inquired about her length of employment. His next step was to inquire as to how long her coworkers had been there.

Sanat said, “How dare you go to my boss,” implying a problem with a few Kleenex. This made him question her loyalty.

Susan Phelps, a 13-year NIU employee, was overcome with fear before this incident.

Sanat was yelling at her, quite violently. Susan said that she had put a container between them for her safety. She hoped she could be safe.

Susan said, “He was waving his arms around.” She stressed that he was screaming at her and that she would be hit by him at any moment.

Phelps complained to an office worker in November 2018 about someone putting tissues on the floor, according to the documents. She wanted more workers to clean up after themselves.

Documentation from the university indicates that Sanat did not leave the tissues in the office. But he thought, wrongly, that Susan was pointing the finger at him as the worker who abandoned tissue in April 2019.  

Sanat lunged after Susan as she attempted to flee on the stairway. Screaming, “We’re not done!” he erupted.

Supporting Susan’s assertions were many eyewitnesses.

Susan began taking advantage of her vacation and sick days after the traumatic event. Previously, Sanat Ranganathan served as the university’s assistant general counsel.

Both the general counsel and the NIU Human Resources department were informed about Sanat’s actions by Susan.

During the university’s internal inquiry, Sanat was instructed to work remotely.

On top of that, they had him do an EAP with HR to deal with his behavior. Sanat came back after the probe was over. 

Response from Sanat Ranganathan:

The Daily Chronicle received a statement from Sanat Ranganathan. Before this encounter, he said he had never met Susan Phelps.

In addition, he said that the discussion was cordial and professional.

The only reason he followed Susan into the stairway, he said, was to explain her anger. There was an apology for what he termed a “miscommunication” on his part.

‘Please tell your colleague to check the proper person next time since it makes me seem awful.’ Sanat yelled across the corridor, adding that he merely wanted to add that.

Susan, he adds, began to weep and then left. He continues by saying he was taken aback and decided to follow her to find out why she was sobbing.

It seems like Sanat and her had a casual, cordial chat in his statement. In the opinion of several eyewitnesses, this was very certainly not the case. 


The 2019 verbal harassment of Northern Illinois University housekeeper Susan Phelps by notable attorney Sanat Ranganathan was upsetting. Despite being the university’s attorney, Ranganathan was accused of bullying Phelps over a minor employment problem, traumatizing her. 

Phelps said she felt physically intimidated during the argument, and witnesses agreed. After an internal probe, Ranganathan worked remotely and underwent behavioral modification. 

Phelps’ anguish and several witnesses’ testimonies contradict Ranganathan’s assertions that the meeting was a misunderstanding. 

This case shows power imbalances in the workplace and raises important concerns regarding accountability and wrongdoing by prominent people.

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