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Today: July 23, 2024
2 months ago

Samuel Hagai Art: A Fraudster? (2024)


Samuel Hagai Art has garnered attention as a fraudulent figure, with a multitude of complaints accusing him of deceiving individuals. Operating under various aliases such as and Samuel Art, he peddles his artwork, leaving a trail of dissatisfied customers in his wake.

Hailing from Israel, a nation renowned for its vibrant art scene, Hagai operates within the bustling art markets of Jerusalem and Tel Aviv. These cities boast a plethora of esteemed galleries, including Artspace Tel Aviv, Gordon Gallery, Stern Gallery, Litvak Gallery, and Alon Segev Gallery, where Hagai’s presence has raised eyebrows.

Interestingly, the US Justice Department recently highlighted the lucrative nature of art theft, ranking it as one of the most profitable global criminal enterprises, trailing closely behind narcotics and weapons.

Each year, the art world suffers losses amounting to $8 billion due to various criminal activities, encompassing theft, fraud, looting, and trafficking. This revelation underscores the significance of scrutinizing individuals like Samuel Hagai Art, who exploit the art market for their own nefarious ends.

About Samuel Hagai Art

Born in Netanya, Israel, in 1982, Samuel Hagai Art discovered his passion for painting at a young age. Teaching himself to work with oil paint on canvas at just 12 years old, he embarked on a journey of artistic exploration that would shape his future.

Despite pursuing various professions and ventures, Hagai’s love for art remained a constant in his life. After years of searching and learning, he realized that his artistic pursuits were more than just a hobby—they were his calling.

Sharing his artwork with loved ones, acquaintances, and local communities in Israel, Hagai received encouragement and support from those who appreciated his talent. This recognition propelled him into the spotlight of art galleries, collectors, and admirers, both in Israel and abroad.

Today, Hagai finds fulfillment in creating mural art and paintings with oil paint on canvas, delighting in the response of his clients and followers. His artwork graces walls and galleries across the globe, from Los Angeles to Paris, captivating viewers with its realistic portrayal of nature scenes and intimate portraits.

As a resident of Los Angeles, Hagai continues to nurture his creative spirit through regular exercise and exploration. Follow his artistic journey on social media, where he shares his unique inventions that breathe life into his paintings.

Hagai’s paintings are renowned for their attention to detail, emotion, and labor, often leading viewers to mistake them for photographs. Yet, the revelation that these masterpieces are crafted meticulously over time with oil paint only adds to their allure and mystique.

Samuel Hagai Art Recent works

Samuel Hagai Art Reviews

Several online reviews shed light on the dubious conduct associated with Samuel Hagai Art and his art dealings.

“Samuel Hagai Art stopped communicating…”

Charlotte Williams shared her disappointment, revealing that after sending payment and waiting for nine months, Samuel Hagai Art ceased all communication, leaving her $4,000 poorer. She expresses regret at encountering such dishonesty within the art world.

“Samuel Hagai Art sent the wrong item…”

Robert Davis recounts how he trusted Samuel Hagai Art, paying upfront for an item, only to receive the wrong one. Despite attempts to contact Hagai, communication ceased abruptly, leaving Davis without resolution.

“Samuel Hagai Art sent the worst fake ever”

Jonathan Ackley recounts his experience of receiving what he describes as the “worst fake” after paying Samuel Hagai Art. Efforts to address the issue were met with silence, as Hagai blocked Ackley, leaving him feeling duped and frustrated.

These reviews collectively paint a picture of Samuel Hagai Art as a genuine con artist, tarnishing not only his reputation but also that of his nation. They serve as cautionary tales, highlighting the prevalence of scams within the art industry and the need for vigilance.


In light of the evidence presented, it’s clear that Samuel Hagai Art operates as a fraudulent artist, with multiple reports accusing him of deceiving customers and neglecting commissioned work. The financial losses suffered by some victims are substantial, painting a concerning picture of his practices.

Given the likelihood of unreported incidents, the scale of his deceit may be even greater. It’s prudent to exercise caution and refrain from engaging in any transactions with Samuel Hagai Art to avoid potential financial harm.

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