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Today: July 23, 2024
2 months ago

Sam Kazran: A Fraudster? (2024)


Accidentally destroyed or flooded cars eventually find their way back onto dealership lots where they are sold to unsuspecting consumers.

WBTV’s inquiry turned up horrifying reports of used car buyers being mislead about the history of the automobiles. Nissan of Shelby, a dealership located in North Carolina, is the subject of the inquiry since recovered cars were discovered to be listed for sale on their website. This comprehensive study delves deeply into the investigation’s conclusions, customer grievances against the dealership, contacts with law authorities, and the issue involving Nissan of Shelby general manager Sam Kazran.

On the website Autostart, WBTV started looking through the database of previous auto auctions. Most of the cars that Nissan of Shelby either bought or sold at insurance salvage auctions eventually found their way onto their website, including a 2017 BMW.

A Carfax report includes details on a vehicle’s past from police crash reports, auto repair shops, and inspection centers. Although the BMW has a recovered title that was given in New York, it does not exist when it is listed for sale by Nissan of Shelby in North Carolina. The salvage title from New York doesn’t seem to have been moved to North Carolina, and the study raises two red flags: “This might be a case of title washing.”

A dealership-related complaint

According to WBTV, the dealership was the subject of complaints from customers to the office of the North Carolina Attorney General. According to two of them, the cars they received had concealed previous damage.

Detectives from the licensing and theft bureau of the North Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles spoke with WBTV about title washing and disclosure shortcomings.

Do you all take it seriously if no information is provided? A WBTV reporter asked.

We take this very seriously. According to Captain JT Ratliff, we initiate an investigation upon receipt of the complaint and will file a criminal complaint if we are able to show probable cause.

As per Ratliff and Lt. Troutman, title washing is a tactic employed to optimize earnings at the auction of a recovered vehicle.

Lieutenant Troutman said, “There are definitely checks and balances with this state and all 50 states where we can go and make sure brands continue and make sure that mileage goes as it should.”

We might also look through a few law enforcement databases to make sure that hasn’t happened.

Sam Kazran-Related Debates

First agreeing to an interview with WBTV, Sam Kazran, the general manager of Nissan of Shelby, later revoked that consent. Sam Kazran Nissan of Shelby was found to have a history of conflict during the investigation.

Employees of the dealership who participated in a political campaign were paid illegally, which allowed the Federal Election Commission to get an injunction in 2012.

Financial issues were also revealed in court documents, such as a 2015 Chapter 7 bankruptcy case and allegations of outstanding debts. In a 2017 Florida court case, a lender also accused Shelby’s Sam Kazran Nissan of stealing two cars from one of his businesses and selling them on the internet of another dealership in addition to charging Kazran Nissan of Shelby with not repaying a $1.5 million loan.

An order from a judge against Shelby’s Sam Kazran Nissan

One of the car businesses in Florida that Kazran had previously owned was Hyundai of North Jacksonville. A judge’s injunction against Sam Kazran Nissan of Shelby was obtained by the Federal Election Commission in 2012. The complaint stated that the business had improperly paid dealership employees who had contributed approximately $68,000 to the political campaign of his business partner, Florida Congressman Vern Buchanan.

According to court records, Sam Kazran Nissan of Shelby is also having financial problems.

When he filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy in 2015, he claimed to owe creditors $43 million. In a lawsuit filed in Florida in 2017, a lender claims Shelby’s Sam Kazran Nissan failed to pay back a $1.5 million loan. The lender pulled cars out of one of Kazran’s businesses as collateral, but they claim he later came back with two of them and listed them for sale on another dealership’s website.

Awareness of Consumer Rights and Kazran’s Reaction

Kazran refuted the claims made by WBTV and said that Nissan of Shelby did not conceal the salvage and flood histories of its clients. He questioned the news reporter’s use of derogatory language and questioned WBTV’s understanding of the legal system in North Carolina.

Given these issues, the article suggests that readers independently investigate a car’s history using services like Carfax and report any suspected crimes to the relevant authorities.

Additionally, “Concerning your unwarranted private attacks on me, I do not understand the reason why a news reporter is criticizing the private ethics of a citizen.”

Carfax and other websites that provide vehicle history reports can be used by customers to independently verify the history of the vehicle they are buying, providing reassurance that it is not registered as salvage or rebuilt.

To report a crime to the police, get in touch with North Carolina’s Division of Motor Vehicles License and Theft Bureau. You can also file a complaint with the North Carolina Attorney General’s office and the US Department of Transportation’s Office of Inspector General.

Sam Kazran of Shelby Nissan

Currently living in Shelby, North Carolina, Kazran works as a manager and is a professional. The general manager of Shelby Nissan is Sam Kazran.

Sam Kazran At Nissan of Shelby, Nissan of Shelby maintains a tight ship. The demands of the consumer should always come first. Nissan of Shelby offers a wide variety of new Nissan vehicles in addition to a substantial inventory of used cars.

The process of buying a new car can be challenging. In this case, Shelby’s Sam Kazran Nissan and his team can assist. They put forth significant effort to provide customers with the best possible service while assisting them with the process. Make sure to stop by the next time you’re looking for a car!

The Bottom Line

The Nissan of Shelby dealership appears to have sold salvaged cars without the proper paperwork, according to the WBTV investigation, which has unearthed serious problems. Interviews with law enforcement officials demonstrate how seriously these claims are treated, as did the Attorney General’s office of North Carolina. Sam Kazran Nissan of Shelby, the general manager, is embroiled in controversies that cast doubt on the dealership’s integrity. In order to safeguard their interests, buyers should exercise caution, independently conduct thorough vehicle history checks, and notify the appropriate authorities of any questionable activities.

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