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Today: July 17, 2024
2 months ago

Ruediger Trautmann’s Involvement in Illegal Schemes Exposed (2024)


Payabl, a German-Cypriot high-risk payment processor that specialized in porn sites, is growing uninterrupted, despite Laila Mickelwait’s hard efforts on Twitter to combat Pornhub, sexual abuse, and illegal content on sex sites. The website saw almost 20% more visits last month than it did the month before. German pornographic websites such as xHamsterLive and StripChat account for the majority of website traffic.

According to Similarweb, the Payabl website received about 370,000 visits in the final 28 days leading up to November 23, 2022. German pornographic websites such as xHamsterLive ( and StripChat ( account for little less than 60% of all referral traffic. Financial websites, such the offshore broker RoboForex, account for somewhat less than 14% of the referral traffic.

Watch amateur sex models perform live on StripChat, an online porn community, through xHamsterLive, a white label platform. As previously mentioned, porn tokens are sold by xHamsterLive and StripChat as a means of tipping models, entering private or Cam2Cam shows, and obtaining access to exclusive images and videos.

When we break down the visitors by nation, we find that over 56% of them are from Germany and Austria. In this way, the Central Bank of Cyprus-regulated high-risk payment processor Payabl functions as a type of replacement for the defunct Wirecard because it caters to high-risk businesses and their retailers.

Dietmar Knoechelmann and Ruediger Trautmann, two former Wirecard top executives, also launched Payabl (formerly PowerCash21). Ugne Buraciene, a Lithuanian, is the CEO of Payabl Group (LinkedIn).

Ways you can combat addictive pornography

The deleterious effects of watching porn are becoming increasingly prevalent in contemporary culture, as many people struggle to escape its hold. Addiction to porn may have a terrible personal toll on a person’s relationships, mental health, and general well-being. It can also negatively affect friends and family members.

However, there is still hope! Through the identification of telltale indicators of porn addiction and prompt implementation of efficacious tactics, one might surmount this problem and reclaim agency over their life.

Important lessons learned

  1. Understanding your triggers for seeing pornography and the symptoms of addiction is crucial to getting well and taking back control of your life.
  2. A successful recovery requires a number of actions, including cutting off access, creating a support network, learning healthy coping strategies, getting professional assistance, and engaging in self-compassion exercises.
  3. Preventing future relapses requires attending to any underlying mental health issues and understanding about the effects of porn consumption on the brain.

1. Take Out Pornography Access

Removing the availability of pornography is a vital measure in conquering the addiction to it. This can be accomplished by:

  • removing all tangible and digital obscene content
  • Taking care of any underlying mental health issues that could be causing the addiction
  • putting up filters, such as Covenant Eyes, to stop websites and content that is sexual on electronic devices
  • By taking away the immediate temptation and cues that feed addiction, pornography becomes less accessible. This lessens the correlation between addictive behaviour and triggers, which facilitates the development of better habits and the ability to withstand urges. It’s an essential component of a thorough strategy for beating addiction.

2. Create a Network of Assistance

Creating a network of support is essential for anyone trying to overcome a porn addiction. This may entail speaking with dependable friends and family, joining a support group, or seeking medical advice.

Joining a support group, such a men’s or women’s group for porn addicts, can help people recover from their addiction to pornography and provide them a sense of community with others going through similar things. It might also be helpful to have an accountability partner who offers encouragement and support to keep the person focused on their recovery.

3. Create Well-Being Coping Strategies

Overcoming a porn addiction requires the development of healthy coping strategies. People can overcome their addiction by substituting activities like exercise, meditation, or discovering new hobbies for their pornographic viewing habits.

Playing video games, taking up new hobbies, or getting physically active are a few healthy substitutes for watching porn while one is idle. People can successfully substitute more constructive and meaningful activities for the harmful practice of consuming pornography by developing a good habit that produces the same emotional release and fulfilment.

4. Get Expert Assistance

In order to treat the underlying causes of porn addiction, it is essential to seek treatment for compulsive pornography consumption. Therapy can help people investigate the root causes of their addiction and create new coping mechanisms. In order to process personal traumas, develop emotional intimacy, and build relationships that support resolving their porn addiction, group therapy can help people connect with one another.

You should get in touch with certified therapists or addiction specialists through clinics, private practices, or internet resources if you need professional assistance for a porn addiction.

5. Engage in Self-Compassion Training

It needs self-compassion exercises to forgive oneself of mistakes and maintain the will to keep going after recovery. Self-compassion exercises can reduce feelings of guilt and shame that are sometimes experienced during the healing process and encourage a more positive view of oneself and the process.

Relapses can happen during the healing process, which is important to recognize. Being kind to oneself and realising that this is a natural part of the process can help people stay committed.

During recovery, it’s critical to put self-care first, take time for oneself, engage in enjoyable activities, and ask for help from reliable people.

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