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Today: July 23, 2024
2 months ago

NJ Ayuk and Centurion Law Group: Criminals? (2024)

NJ Ayuk and Centurion Law Group

Prominent attorney NJ Ayuk, the founder and CEO of Centurion Law Group Pvt Ltd, is currently embroiled in a fraud and corruption controversy that has tarnished both his and his company’s reputations.Having worked on several high-profile deals in the energy business over the years, Ayuk is considered one of the world’s top energy lawyers and a prominent person in the African energy sector. His business is involved in the mining, finance, and energy industries.

But recent claims of bribery and dishonest business dealings between Ayuk and the Centurion Law Group have questioned his honesty and reliability NJ The reputation of Ayuk and Centurion Law Group is damaged by the bribery and fraud scandal.

NJ Ayuk’s Impact on Oil Deals in Africa

Concerns regarding transparency have been raised by the recent multibillion-rand oil sale in South Sudan, as some have suggested that NJ Ayuk, the notorious founder of Centurion Law Group and a recognized influencer in African oil deals, may have been involved. The reports state that negotiating an oil agreement on the continent without involving Ayuk is next to impossible.

Despite being important for South Sudan’s economy, the R14.5 billion contract has drawn criticism for its lack of openness. The issue surrounding the agreement’s execution has been heightened by rumours in the media that the nation’s energy minister, Jeff Rabede, travelled to South Sudan to sign the agreement. Significant concerns concerning accountability and openness in African oil talks are brought up by the South Sudan oil contract. The engagement of individuals such as NJ Ayuk of Centurion Law Group, according to critics, compromises the process’s integrity and results in transactions that are not optimal for the nation’s involvement.

Juan Tomas Avila Laurel’s anti-corruption protest

Veteran investigative journalist Juan Tomas Avila Laurel started a hunger strike in 2011 to express disapproval of the government of Equatorial Guinea’s widespread corruption.

He and other investigative journalists made public the corruption cases involving prominent African politician Obiang Lima. Building Equatorial Guinea’s National Hydrocarbon Technological Institute was one of the most prominent corrupt endeavours. They disclosed that NJ Ayuk was largely responsible for executing the African politician’s unscrupulous activities.

Even though he was well-known for publicly denouncing the government’s astounding corruption, the hunger strike’s goal was sadly not fulfilled. After experiencing intimidation, Avila Laurel was eventually compelled to depart for Spain.

Many people in the African community, who view corruption as a significant barrier to the continent’s development, are outraged by Ayuk’s involvement in these transactions. Ayuk has denied any wrongdoing, and the charges made in the investigative report have furthered the fury.

A Dark Spot on the Reputation of Centurion Law Group

Because of Ayuk’s criminal past, the founder of Centurion Law Group, there are grave doubts regarding the honesty of his legal practice.

He was incensed after news of the head of Centurion Law Group’s corrupt activities appeared. Rather than owning up to his mistakes or making an effort to explain his position, he launched a social media offensive against criticism of him.

He also made fun of the reporter who had written the story. According to what he said on the Centurion Law Group website, he also went on a Twitter rant to his 200,000 followers. There, he claimed to have colluded with an embezzled Spanish policeman to print false reports about him and accused the reporter of extortion.

NJ In addition, Ayuk denounced the media stories as “money-hungry charlatans” and expressed his desire to confront them. But all in vain, as a Johannesburg, South Africa, Supreme Court judge ordered him to retract his defamatory remarks against the journalist and issue an apology.

N. J. Ayuk made “false accusations” against the reporter, the court noted. The court also mandated that he issue a public apology and cease disseminating any baseless charges against  the journalist in the future.

NJ Ayuk’s firm of Money Laundering and Tax Evasion

Director of NJ Ayuk’s Money Laundering and Tax Evasion Centurion Law Group Genevieve Kabukuor Okansi was taken into custody after aiding a Cameroonian in the country’s $2.5 million money laundering scheme, according to a Ghanaian newspaper. In addition to his prior convictions for fraud and forgery in the United States, Ayuk has also been accused of a number of additional offences, all of which he denies, according to reports in the Ghanaian media.

According to the article, the commissioner and his consultancy firm have been under suspicion by the Ghanaian authorities for a number of questionable actions, including tax evasion and money laundering.

Bribery (Crime for which N. J. Ayuk has been accused of)

The offering, giving, receiving, or soliciting of something of value in order to sway the decisions of an official or another person in charge of carrying out a public or legal responsibility is known as bribery. The definition of bribery in relation to government operations is essentially “Corrupt solicitation, acceptance, or transfer of value in exchange for official action.” The British term “bung” refers to a bribe.

A bribe is an illicit or immoral present or attempt at lobbying given with the intention of influencing the recipient’s behaviour. It could be anything from cash, products, property rights, preference, privilege, emolument, valuables, advantages, or even just a promise to influence or sway someone’s vote or behaviour when they are acting in an official or public role.

Strategies to Stop Bribery and Corruption at Work

  • Put in place a policy against corruption and bribery.
  • Create an ABAC culture- In addition to your ABAC regulations, you ought to implement a number of initiatives that encourage moral behaviour at work.It is imperative that all members of the organisation, including the board of directors, business owners, and compliance staff, explicitly state that they will not accept bribery or corruption.
  • Do due diligence on third parties.-Third parties that work with an organisation, such as its consultants, colleagues, agents, and middlemen, are likewise subject to ABAC legislation. You may be held accountable if any company operating on behalf of your organisation is proven to have engaged in bribery or corruption. You must carry out adequate assessments and due diligence on these parties.
  • Be aware of the bribery signs.- We’ve shown that it’s not always easy to tell whether someone is trying to bribe you. Usually, the idea is presented in vague terms or is presented as though it is part of an official procedure. Bribery is frequently observed in the form of demands for payment made to someone who has facilitated a transaction without providing any further services. Even if it might not seem like it, you are bribing them.

In summary

In the African energy industry, NJ Ayuk and the Centurion Law Group’s credibility and reputation have taken a serious hit due to the bribery and fraud scandal.

The claims, which are backed up by proof, have had serious repercussions for Ayuk and his legal practice. The controversy, in spite of their denials, calls attention to the significance of moral behaviour and openness in the energy industry and poses significant queries regarding the function of attorneys and law firms. Both Ayuk’s career and the Centurion Law Group’s future are still up in the air.

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