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Today: July 17, 2024
5 months ago

New Fraud Case on Sara Leppänen? (2024)


Who is Sara Leppanen?

Sara Leppänen is an individual who claims to hold a master’s degree in accounting and finance. Despite her studies focusing mainly on traditional financing with limited exposure to cryptocurrencies, she found the opportunity to work in the Finance department at LocalBitcoins intriguing.

With previous experience in the Medical Engineering and Healthcare sector, Leppänen is currently responsible for overseeing all financial operations at LocalBitcoins, including billing, budgeting, and asset management.

LocalBitcoins Claims

Founded by Jeremias Kangas in June 2012, LocalBitcoins quickly established an escrow system for its marketplace. By early 2013, the platform began generating revenue, with an average of 29,566 profitable trades per day by 2020.

Achievements and Incidents:

In 2018, LocalBitcoins was recognized as one of Finland’s top-performing businesses for its financial performance. However, users of the platform faced legal issues, with several individuals detained for money laundering and other offenses in 2014, 2016, and 2018.

Security Breach:

In January 2019, hackers breached users’ LocalBitcoins accounts, stealing bitcoin valued at $28,200. LocalBitcoins swiftly addressed the issue, implementing two-factor authentication and informing users of the incident.

Regulatory Registration and Closure:

In November 2019, the Finnish Financial Supervisory Authority registered as a virtual currency provider. However, in February 2023, LocalBitcoins announced its closure, ending its operations.

Discussion about Sara Leppänen

One user warned others to be cautious of individuals like Sara Leppänen at LocalBitcoins, implying that she may be involved in fraudulent activities.

Another user shared their experience of being placed in vacation mode by LocalBitcoins after not logging in for a while, raising concerns about the platform’s responsiveness.

A user expressed frustration about the difficulty in obtaining information about the owners of LocalBitcoins, including Sara Leppänen’s identification. They suspected that the company may be involved in fraudulent practices.

In response, another user suggested that LocalBitcoins could be paying individuals to delete negative comments, indicating a potential cover-up of complaints against the platform.

The same user highlighted the risk of revealing personal information while attempting to gather evidence against LocalBitcoins, citing their own experience of being a victim of financial fraud and having their withdrawal capability disabled by the platform.

A user inquired about Sara Leppanen’s alleged scammer profile, expressing a desire to locate her. They planned to ask four other women about Sara Leppanen’s whereabouts without alerting her.

Additionally, they sought information on whether had defrauded others, mentioning their intent to have Sara Leppanen arrested once her location was known.

In response, another user suggested presenting documentation of the situation with LocalBitcoins and emphasized the importance of respecting anonymity in the Bitcoin community. They highlighted the futility of seeking personal information in such forums unless there was prior interaction through peer-to-peer transactions.

Another user characterized the inquiry as more of a request than an allegation, cautioning against attempting to obtain personal information through payment. They hinted at potential involvement with corrupt police and the consequences of such actions, citing the treatment of the Tate brothers in prison.

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