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Today: July 17, 2024
5 months ago

New Allegations on Brent Emerson of North Carolina? (2024)


The owner of a roofing repair company in North Carolina, Brent Emerson was already jailed for running a fraudulent enterprise in Arizona. He is currently the target of numerous federal and state authorities’ investigations and hundreds of accusations. Let’s review some of the salient features of his personality before moving on.

An Overview of Brent Emerson, North Carolina

The past of Brent Emerson is unclear, and he goes by several names, including Brent Emerson North Carolina, Brent Emerson Arizona, and Brent Emerson Charlotte, North Carolina. There has been interchangeable use of several of these identities. 

His educational background includes studying computer information systems and business finance at Arizona State University, which may indicate that he is familiar with financial systems that could be vulnerable to attack. California is where he was born. He has previously attended Arizona State University for his studies.

Allegations of Emerson’s involvement in unethical business practices cloud his purported ability in horticulture, branding and awareness, development operations, and scaling business. 

Another alleged area of competence for Emerson is horticulture. Some of his methods may be questioned for their morality and validity due to his position in growing firms. His attempts to build his brand and promote awareness may be met with skepticism in light of his prior deceit and ongoing investigations.

Furthermore, his association with Development Operations could raise concerns, especially if these operations engage in unlawful or immoral activities. It is plausible that his alleged passion for gardening is a cover for other, dubious pursuits, or an effort to project an air of respectability that he lacks it.

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Investigations and Accusations Against Brent Emerson, N.C.

A variety of state and federal agencies are currently looking into the founder and owner of Restoration Contractors of America (RCA), a roofing repair company in North Carolina, in response to several consumer complaints. 

This event has led to concerns being voiced about the corporation’s business operations. To exacerbate the situation, Brent Emerson, the owner of RCA in North Carolina, was previously convicted of a felony in Arizona for running a fraudulent organization. 

This raises RCA’s legal issues to a total of three. He served two and a half years in prison and was ordered to pay $2.3 million in restitution for selling fake pharmaceutical websites in the state of Arizona in 2009.

Emerson’s business associate Gary Murdie, who is also connected to RCA, was ordered to pay $100,000 in damages and serve two months in prison for his involvement in the same scam. 

This word was assigned to him in connection with the same plot. Following a civil lawsuit against Murdie and Emerson, the state of Arizona prohibited both of them from selling business opportunities or marketing services, particularly those that entailed outbound telemarketing.

Based on data gathered from clients and former employees that the WBTV Investigates team reached out to, Murdie and Emerson have both started to participate in RCA’s activities. This is true even if they have both previously encountered legal issues.

The North Carolina Department of Insurance’s insurance fraud investigator confirmed that their division had collaborated with the Environmental Protection Agency and the Internal Revenue Service to carry out a search warrant at the United Atlantic Public Adjusters (UAPA) and RCA offices in Charlotte. However, it is imperative to note that the defendant has not yet been the subject of any allegations.

More than thirty complaints against RCA and UAPA have been filed with the Attorney General’s Office in the state of North Carolina, and WBTV has looked into them. These accusations have caused some to express concerns about the companies’ commercial operations. 

One of the complainants, Chris Burnett, claimed that an employee of RCA had falsely signed his name on a public adjuster contract and a service contract, giving the adjuster power of attorney in both cases. Burnett expressed his dissatisfaction with the interaction and declared he would not conduct business with them again.

Additional complaints filed with the Attorney General’s office have leveled similar charges of unlawful activities against both UAPA and RCA. 

Eric Goden, the owner of UAPA, provided WBTV with a taped message outlining his obligations to customers on behalf of Emerson’s legal team. However, other clients, such as Chris Burnett, doubted the sincerity of these discussions.

For example, Burnett signed the work order and the $1,000 check payable to RCA for the tile and roof work; but, Burnett wanted to back out of the agreement when he discovered his signature on the original documents had been falsified.

In response to these accusations, an attorney representing RCA denied that the business has ever participated in any form of counterfeiting, either historically or currently. They emphasized in particular that the allegations were dispersed throughout a nine-year operation period, during which thousands of successful roof repairs were performed. RCA maintained that it had not engaged in any unlawful activity and that, should the need arise, it would be happy to help authorities with their inquiries. 

Restoration Contractors of America: About Brent Emerson, North Carolina-based Company 

If we are referring to the Brent Emerson company in North Carolina, then we would state that despite their claims, their staff team—which is regarded as highly skilled and committed—has a lengthy history of working in the restoration industry, which could raise some red flags. 

Having been in operation for the last 25 years, they assert that their satisfied customers have utilized their services for roofing, water damage restoration, fire damage restoration, and flood pump-outs.

That being said, their long history may also raise questions about the caliber of the services they offer, the presence of hidden issues, and whether or not they have changed with the times to keep up with industry developments.

You can check out its various social media accounts, some of which are listed below:

The Bottom Line

As previously stated, in light of the multiple customer complaints that have raised concerns regarding the company’s business practices, state and federal agencies are investigating Brent Emerson North Carolina, the founder and owner of Restoration Contractors of America (RCA) in North Carolina. 

Currently residing in North Carolina, Brent Emerson has a criminal history in Arizona related to deceptive activities. Even though both Gary Murdie and Brent Emerson North Carolina have dubious backgrounds, they continue to be in charge of RCA’s operations. A search warrant was executed in support of an investigation involving many authorities, and it was directed toward the offices of RCA. 

The Attorney General’s Office in the state of North Carolina has received over thirty claims of fraudulent actions. RCA disputes these claims and emphasizes their lengthy track record of lucrative operations, although debate and legal ambiguities still surround the issue.

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