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Today: July 23, 2024
2 months ago

Neal Smead- A Sex Offender? (2024)


Williamson County native Neal Smead works as a seasoned sales representative for RedEx Corporation, where he specializes in exceeding business goals and building relationships with customers.

Neal Smead

Detailed version of the story

When a man from the Naples region attempted to assault his friend’s wife sexually at her house, deputies say he was apprehended on Monday.

A Collier County Sheriff’s Office report states that 29-year-old Neal Smead is charged with two felonies: attempted sexual battery and violently resisting an officer.

At 5:45 a.m., deputies were called to the woman’s residence in response to a report of an alleged sexual battery attempt that had taken place a few hours prior.

The woman had asked Smead or his wife to help her with their sick cat, which needed intravenous treatment that could only be given by two people, while her husband was at work, according to the article. The woman informed the deputies that her husband had called Smead for assistance after her cat’s condition had declined on Sunday night. Then, after midnight, Smead showed up at the woman’s house to offer support.

After helping the woman with the IV, Smead allegedly restrained her violently by holding her down with his body weight as she was seated in a chaise lounge, according to the CCSO. The five-foot-tall woman, who suffers from multiple sclerosis, begged Smead to stop several times, but he refused. In the end, he was able to be released.

After exposing himself, Smead asked the woman to engage in sexual activity, but she refused. After telling him to go, he began packing his things and she went to check on the cat in the master bathroom. But Smead suddenly stormed into the restroom, pinning the woman up against the wall and attempting to take her pants down. He continued even after she begged him to stop several times.

The woman struck Smead with her shoulder in an attempt to break free, and he released her. Smead allegedly masturbated into a towel before leaving the area. When questioned by investigators at his home, he denied the allegations made by the woman. Upon attempting to arrest him, Smead resisted and struggled with the deputies before they were able to detain him. He now faces charges of attempted sexual battery and resisting an officer with violence.

Sexual Harassment- Crime for which Neal Smead was accused.

Any form of harassment that involves overtly sexual connotations, whether explicit or implicit, such as unwanted and inappropriate promises of incentives in exchange for sexual favors, is referred to as sexual harassment. Sexual harassment can occur verbally or physically. A variety of behaviors are classified as sexual harassment, ranging from verbal insults to physical or sexual assault. In a variety of social contexts, including the workplace, the family, the school, and places of worship, harassment can take place. Victims or harassers may be any gender.

In today’s legal frameworks, sexual harassment is prohibited. Because there is no “general civility code” enforced by laws pertaining to sexual harassment, simple teasing, casual remarks, and small, isolated incidences are typically not prohibited. When harassment occurs frequently or severely and creates an offensive or hostile work environment, or when it leads to a negative employment decision (like the victim being demoted, fired, or quitting), it may be illegal in the workplace. However, cultural differences exist in the legal and societal interpretations of sexual harassment.

One type of unlawful job discrimination is when an employer engages in sexual harassment. Preventing sexual harassment and defending employees against allegations of sexual harassment have emerged as crucial objectives in legal decision-making for numerous firms and organizations.

Concluding remarks:

When questioned about the incident by investigators later, he refuted the accusations, but deputies eventually took him into arrest. This alarming episode emphasizes how crucial it is to notify the police of any sexual assault incidents and request assistance from them.

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