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Today: July 17, 2024
2 months ago

Moises Fernandez Barea’s Money Laundering Operation Exposed (2024)


It certainly appears to be a very elaborate strategy for money laundering! Following the demise of his high-risk payment scheme, Aexon, based in Singapore, and the revelation of the dubious dealings of his Jade Management Co. (formerly Jade Capital UAE), Moises Fernandez Barea is attempting to conduct business in Switzerland through Simnati Consulting Group SA and his recent partnership with HBDIG Technologies GmbH.

Moises Fernandez Barea

Here we have tried to provide detailed reporting on this attempt to launder money using monies from Venezuela.

He (Moises Fernandez) established Luxan Capital SA, a corporation, on December 6, 2022, in Zurich. Patrick Laurent Piras Cardona, Alejandro de Villalonga Cabarrocas, and Oscar Arroyo Martin are involved in this new endeavour. They all conduct business using Spanish passports. The purported address is Bahnhofplatz, 6300, Zurich, c/o F Trust AG. The address of F Trust AG, a Swiss corporation led by Toma Preidyte and created by Anya Maxwell Brunander, is this.

In Dubai, Moises Fernandez calls home. Along with Howard Jan Kooger, he has been conducting business in Switzerland through Simnati Consulting SA and has solid political connections.

Alejandro de Villalonga Cabarrocas, who holds Registration B87880332, was associated with Lendmarket Partners S.L. until May 2022. Similar to Aexon’s website, Lendmarket’s website abruptly disappeared from the internet. Emails addressed to Erik Lara, a partner at Jade Management Co., and Moises Fernandez went unanswered.

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