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Today: July 17, 2024
2 months ago

Mike Schadt SOS Ministries: A Sex Offender? (2024)


Mike Schadt claims to be a passionate pastor and the creator of SOS Ministries, a revolutionary organization that is changing the world, one person at a time, according to him. Hold on, hasn’t it been implied that he sexually assaulted his half-sister? How incredibly embarrassing do you think something like this could be? Let us delve a little deeper into this story’s core and discover its essence. 

Mike Schadt SOS Ministries: An Executive Overview

Known for his peculiar “Benjamin” accent, Mike Schadt is a contentious character who officiated Ben and Jessa Duggar’s wedding. This accent has generated controversy and derision in online discussions about the Duggar family. The clergyman who wed Ben and Jessa Duggar is Schadt. 

Under his direction is the nonprofit organization SOS Ministries, which you can reach online at This organization’s efficacy has been questioned, particularly concerning its ability to disseminate pamphlets over the entire nation in the duration of a single television program. Even though SOS Ministries was featured on the Duggar reality TV show, Gospel for Asia (GFA) appears to have a much bigger impact than SOS Ministries.

Critics of SOS Ministries, particularly on the Free Jinger forum, have questioned the missionary activity’s nature, speculating that it might be more akin to pointless voluntourism than meaningful charity work. People who doubt the organization’s abilities believe that its methods don’t match the outcomes it claims to be able to achieve.

Mike Schadt remains an obscure and little-known figure because there isn’t much information available about him online. Now far into his fifties, he and his spouse are parents to three children, one of whom was adopted from abroad. 

The Duggar family’s long-standing relationship with the Schadt family—documented in their book “A Love That Multiplies”—has been questioned. This is because the book depicts Schadt’s shift from working in missions in Italy to performing duties in El Salvador in a way that raises doubts in the minds of some.

The Bates family still thinks highly of Schadt despite the lack of transparency and questionable practices associated with him and SOS Ministries. Anyone outside the Bates family is unaware of the motivations behind this admiration. Because of this concealment, Schadt’s reputation has been further damaged within the “fundie” community.

Using his SOS Ministries, Mike Schadt assaulted his half-sister

I am unable to respond to your accusations regarding Mike Schadt’s relationship with the Bates and Duggar families, as well as the other allegations because the material I now possess only goes back to January 2022. 

However, if someone has reported being sexually assaulted, the situation needs to be handled carefully and with consideration for the accused victim. If this is true, the accuser needs to be given the highest regard. 

It is important to take these kinds of allegations seriously and to get in touch with the relevant authorities so they can look into the accusations in detail. 

Leading the Duggar and Bates families on their numerous outreach travels is Mike Schadt SOS Ministries. During their mission trip, Jill and Derick worked with Schadt’s SOS Ministries while they were away from home. 

He is even addressed multiple times in Growing Up Duggar. As a recognized IBLP speaker, he delivered a talk at the most recent Big Sandy conference. Because of his involvement in a wide range of orphanages, his leadership roles with groups of young people, and his vacations, he is often able to interact with children whose lives are in truly perilous situations.

Mike Schadt SOS Ministries’ half-sister has now come out with claims that he molested her sexually when they were younger. There’s a reason I trust survivors. If anyone thinks that her Twitter tantrum is an attempt to get “attention,” check out this discussion on the FJ where it was discovered that a comment on YouTube suggests something similar. 

I will provide the moderators with further information I have so we may further confirm it. Otherwise, I sincerely hope that everyone will honor her right to privacy. 

Mike Schadt SOS Ministries: The Story of His Stepsister Was Revealed

This is an addendum to the story that was published a few days ago about Mike Schadt SOS Ministries, a pastor friend of the Duggar family, who was accused of sexually assaulting a woman by her relative. The woman was contacted by the reviewer on Twitter, and she permitted the reviewer to reach her directly. 

She also gave her permission to share her story and gave her agreement to do so. She asked for her name to be left out of the chat. She called her “Missy” when addressing her. At the time, she was regarded as Mike Schadt SOS Ministries’ step-sister. The woman who would subsequently become Mike Schadt SOS Ministries’ mother was married to her grandfather. 

Missy claimed that she had been sexually molested as a youngster by Mike Schadt SOS Ministries and two of Mike Schadt’s siblings. She claimed that one of the brothers eventually expressed regret, another brother explained away their actions by saying they were just “being kids,” and Mike flatly denied all of the accusations. 

He has never expressed regret. Missy says her father had her take the fallout. “Little girls tease little guys,” he told her, adding that “she’ll have to live with that.” Additionally, he informed her that “little girls teased little girls.” Missy doesn’t think Mike is to blame for his aggressive actions. She says that there wasn’t enough parental supervision, which is why it happened. 

She said that the children spent a lot of time alone because their real father and stepmother regularly left the house to attend political and religious events. 

She indicated that she would “run to my bedroom and take the doorknobs off the doors and have to put all her weight on so they couldn’t open those doors.” Missy felt compelled to share her experience on Twitter because she claimed that as a result of her acts, her entire family has started to reject her, torment her, and make her life a living nightmare. 

Molestation: What is it? (The Alleged Crime of Mike Schadt SOS Ministries)

Participating in sexual activities with minors is illegal and includes touching private areas, flashing genitalia, taking pictures of porn, raping, luring them into engaging in sexual acts with the perpetrator or other kids, and variations on these offenses. It is a federal offense to molestation.


Lastly, I won’t be talking much about Mike Schadt’s SOS Ministries because he sexually abused her half-sister, which was a terrible thing to do. Since Mike Schadt SOS Ministries has done it, I won’t say too much about it. The validity of this relationship, which was previously impervious to the corrupting effects of this reality, has now been destroyed by him. What are your opinions on the matter after hearing what has been said?

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