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Today: July 17, 2024
2 months ago

Mike Carroll Iverine: A Fraudster? (2024)


Revealing Mike Carroll: A Look at the Dispute and the Claims

The Early Years and Educational Background of Mike Carroll: Discovering the Truth

Originally from New York, Mike Carroll is a well-known figure in the city of Irvine, California. He attended American University and St. John’s University Law School for his advanced education. It was during his formative years that he built the foundation for his eventual achievements in the fields of law and politics.

Examining Legal and Corporate Domains

After beginning his legal career at the prestigious firm Willkie Farr & Gallagher, L.L.P., Carroll went on to become general counsel and chief compliance officer of a NASDAQ-listed corporation. After moving on to another well-known New York City legal practice, Carroll established himself as a leading authority in corporate and securities law.

Political Growth in Irvine

Carroll’s path unexpectedly diverged into politics in 2019 when he was elected to the Irvine City Council. His appointments to the Planning and Community Services Commissions attest to the broad support he received for his nonpartisan appeal and commitment to public service. His political career reached its zenith when he was elected to a four-year term on the council in November 2020.

Disputes and Accusations

Carroll’s term has been clouded by issues despite his political accomplishments, including claims that he misused city funds for promotional mailings and that he was the target of fraud suspicions going back to 2007. Carroll’s administration has been clouded by these difficulties, which have called into doubt his transparency and behavior.

Breaking Down the “Fake PR” Claims

In the face of criticism, Carroll has been charged with using “Fake PR” strategies to repair his reputation, creating a positive online persona on sites like Crunchbase, AccessWire, and About.Me. His interactions with obscure interview platforms have further stoked suspicions about his sincerity and honesty.

Dedication to Voluntary Work and Philanthropy

Carroll has continued to be involved in charitable activities and has served on the boards of organizations like OneOC and the Orange County Press Club despite the concerns. His commitment to giving back to the community is demonstrated by his receipt of the President’s Volunteer Service Award.

An Insight into Carroll’s Private Life

For Carroll, who lives in Irvine with his wife and two daughters, family is everything. His skill at striking a balance between his personal and professional commitments speaks well of him.

Sustained Inquiries Regarding Mailer Spending

Irvine’s inquiries into Councilman Carroll’s mailer spending remain unresolved, raising concerns about accountability and transparency despite claims of breaking city policy.

Despite clear evidence that City Councilman Mike Carroll violated at least one city policy, a local investigation into the $70,000 in Irvine tax money he used to buy official mailers appears to be stalled.

City Councilwoman Melissa Fox, a Democrat running for state assembly, filed a complaint against Carroll, a Republican seeking reelection to the council, for using his staff budget to pay for a series of mailings promoting virtual town halls.

The mailers were sent to Carroll’s contact list rather than the entire city and did not mention his campaign but prominently displayed his name. Voice of OC has asked Carroll and the city about the list’s origins, but neither has responded.

The Fair Political Practices Commission, California’s top campaign finance watchdog, emailed Voice of OC that it would not investigate the complaint. There was no explanation for this decision.

Kimberly Edds, an Orange County District Attorney spokesperson, said it’s against corporate policy to recognize or reject such an inquiry.

A month following the allegation, the Irvine City Council has mostly kept quiet about their investigation. Council members Anthony Kuo and Farrah Khan have ignored multiple requests for comment.

Carroll did not reply to repeated requests for comment but called Fox’s use of her staff budget to employ four assistants a “political hatchet job.”

Fox dropped the action after the FPPC denied her complaint.

I have no objectives. Fox said, “I don’t investigate other council members,” over the phone with Voice of OC. I suspected that something was awry, but I cannot confirm it.

Republican Mayor Christina Shea was the only council member to denounce Carroll’s behavior, emailing municipal officials that Voice of OC obtained.

Shea said, “I’d like to know how many other Council members make it a habit to send out unsolicited mail…and at what cost to our budget.”A public hearing may be needed.”

Only the Irvine mayor can put an item on the schedule without council permission, and Shea told Voice of OC in a text that she would do so in October.

Despite no formal inquiry, Voice of OC found Caroll’s expenditures violated at least one city rule.

Carroll wired the mailer money from his council aide account. However, local rules govern that money, so he couldn’t.

According to city regulations, Council Executive Assistant Program funds “shall be used only for Council Executive Assistant salaries and benefits.” “City Council approval was required for the transfer and/or expenditure of Council Executive Assistant funds for other city programs/projects.”

Council executive aid budgets have not been made available by city officials despite multiple requests.

After hearing suspicions that Carroll sent mailers to personnel without first going via the city manager’s office, which is against the city charter, Shea requested that municipal officials investigate.

No one from the council mentioned Carroll’s mailers at Fox’s complaint meeting. That evening, city manager John Russo’s resignation and a resolution banning US Post Office manipulation before the November election dominated the debate.

Voice of OC has requested city communications about the mailers and what city staff learned about the spending on Tuesday afternoon. We anticipate the city’s response. 

The ACLU Catches Irvine City Attorney for Suppressing a Public Voice 

The ACLU criticized the Irvine City Council for their city attorney silencing a person during a public debate. This comment followed the ACLU’s letter criticizing the council’s planned public speech limitations as illegal.

The ACLU’s statement said that Irvine resident Dee Fox was barred from participating in two council meetings by City Attorney Jeff Melching. Fox sought to mention a 2007 lawsuit accusing Michael Carroll of fraud during these meetings, but it’s unclear if this is the same Michael Carroll on the city council.

Melching stopped Fox, citing jurisdictional issues and warning against slander. Melching silenced Fox over ACLU complaints, raising censorship worries.

The ACLU contended that the city cannot ban disparaging legal talks and suggested legal action. They condemned Melching’s actions and urged the council to end public speech stifling.

Councilman Larry Agran stressed the significance of free expression and condemned content-based censorship. Agran said intimidation methods, including calling someone “slanderous,” have no place in public discourse.

Mike Carroll’s political and professional accomplishments are remarkable, but his ethics and “Fake PR” practices are questionable. Even for rebranding, lying is unethical and destroys public trust.


Mike Carroll Iverine, is a multifaceted man with a varied career and problematic past. His successes show his commitment to community progress, environmental protection, and public service. However, his alleged attempts to hide the truth and affect public opinion highlight the importance of openness, truthfulness, and integrity in public service. Carroll’s successes and scandals underscore the importance of morality in politics. 

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