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Today: July 23, 2024
2 months ago

Matthew Cook Maine: Sex Abuse Case Update (2024)


Maine, a Penobscot Country, where Matthew Cook Maine was born. He pursues his studies by completing his undergraduate degree at the University of Maine. He worked as a Head Coach at Maine YMCA Swim League. It is one of the parts of the Membership Organizations Industry and it is located in the city of Maine in the United States. 

He enhances his professional career as a fisherman in the North Atlantic Ocean. 

Matthew Cook Maine claims that he worked there for more than five years. After completing his work, he came back to study and finally got a licence to practise real estate in South Carolina. 

He spends his 25 years sharpening his specialty in real estate platforms by selling too many homes. He also grabbed a real estate licence in Beaufort County, South Carolina. He lives there with his wife and three children. 

Matthew Cook Maine was a swim teacher at the Bangor YMCA for many years. He is on the trail for an unproven sex crime. 

He, Matthew CooK Maine, was charged with sexual touching of an 18-year-old woman, which Matthew denied. 

According to an attorney, Matthew has driven in Southern Maine with the deputy swim coach. 

A woman complained that at the time of the car ride, Matthew Cook automatically touched her breast and thigh and wanted to do more things with her.  

Matthew Cook Maine: YMCA swim instructor’s trial for an unproven sex crime 

The alleged charge took place in the March 2018 incident that generally happened between Matthew Cook and an 18-year-old woman. This incident happened at the time of a car ride to Bangor after a swim session took place. 

According to the report of News Centre Maine, 

Matthew Cook Maine, former Bangor Region YMCA swim Coach was found innocent by the Jury on Friday afternoon. An event took place at the time of a car ride from Brunswick to Bangor after an instructor met an 18 years old woman. They both were swimming instructors at the time. 

The judgement came after a few hours of discussion among the jury and about two days of the trial. Observers at the time of the incident like the accuser, Matthew Cook Maine, Daine Dickerson, YMCA CEO, and his co-worker. 

CEO of Bangor Region YMCA, Dickerson mentioned in the court that Matthew Cook Maine was sitting next to him when he performed that incident with an 18 years old woman. The CEO also stated that he took Cook on leave from the organisation. 

Matthew Cook Maine took his stand on an unlawful sex crime charged against him in March of 2018. He mentioned that an incident does not happen, and an incorrect statement has been made by the woman. 

Sam Rogers, also tweeted in the favour of Matthew Cook Maine:

Matthew Cook’s attorney, Jeffrey Toothaker testified in his protection

Joshua Saucier, State attorney, made his final statements to the jury members, stating that teasing and having a friendly conversation does not permit touching anyone in a bad manner. He also adds that there was no other transparent situation for Matthew to touch the woman. 

In his ending statement, defence lawyer Jeffery Toothaker always reminded the jury members of the unpredictability of the affidavit among the woman and Matthew Cook Maine. 

Matthew Cook Maine and his fellow worker, and instructor from YMCA give the testimony and she always glides beneath “ pleasant and adoring with him.”

The defence lawyer always accepts as true that the testimonial report of Matthew Cook Maine was a clue.

Jeffery Toothaker, prosecutor of Matthew Cook, “the jury placed an entire six months of the incident together and portrayed a new picture that she has to portray at one side and Matthew portrayed the other side. Then I would understand the whole situation happening among them. 

A Defence lawyer, Jeffery Toothaker said that she, the victim is not telling the truth, the whole truth. There is many more thing that are going on over and over this year if she does not want to admit the crime. 

The defence attorney mentioned that Matthew Cook Maine is very much thrilled for his life to get back to its usual condition and is looking forward to working for UPS in Brewer. 

Assistant state attorney, Joshua Saucier claims that his victim i.e. Matthew Cook Maine is disappointed by the verdict given by the Jury members of the district court. 

These types of cases are very serious cases for the people living in the city like the lawyers, the investigators, and the prosecutors of the case. 

Impact of inappropriate sexual touching on an 18-year-old Victim 

Matthew Cook was charged with inappropriate sexual touching of an 18-year-old woman. “Sexual touching of a woman is clearly defined in the law. It is touching breasts, butt, or any other body parts without permission. 

An 18-year-old victim took a stand and filed a complaint against Mr. Cook. She also stated that the impact of that incident is very vast, and it directly affects my mental ability very harshly. I would never trust anyone in the future. There are many long-term impacts including

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Traumatic stress disorder 

18-year-old Victim also mentioned that sexual harassment has always persuaded them into enabling silence about immoral actions as a way of protecting a “woman’s honor.”

By then, the court plans to call at least one more witness before wrapping up the trials. An attorney of the victim also decided to call one more witness to provide clear evidence of  Matthew Cook’s character in court. 

In summary

We recommend taking the following steps in light of the study’s findings:

  • Inform people about harassment. Public bodies such as transit operators, law enforcement, and others that exercise responsibility can launch extensive education efforts to combat sexual harassment. Such campaigns can increase awareness of the issue and motivate victims and witnesses to report incidences of sexual harassment by placing advertisements and posters on transit vehicles and in transit-related locations. Awareness campaigns can also inform the public on the acts that qualify as sexual crimes, as a related research indicates that many victims did not specifically identify sexual crimes as such.
  • Make onboard surveys official. If transit operators question their passengers about their experiences with harassment through systematic surveys, they will have a better understanding of the problem and scope of harassment on their systems. Inquiries ought to focus on experiences both during and outside of the transit vehicle.
  • Safe-guard against anti-social behaviours. Many respondents also indicated that they would use transit more if they did not fear antisocial behaviours like drunkenness and obscene language. Survey respondents called for more police patrols and security cameras on both platforms and transit vehicles, to reduce antisocial behaviour.
  • Facilitate the reporting of harassment. The fact that nearly none of the victims, SJSU students, filed official reports of the crime highlights the necessity for transit providers to facilitate reporting for users of their services. Victims can report harassment and other offences in real time with the use of smartphone apps and dedicated phone lines. Pay close attention to the surroundings. The importance of maintaining well-lit and well-kept transit environments is shown by the respondents’ unequivocal statement that they were afraid of badly maintained and gloomy transit surroundings.

According to the Psych Bytes report, one in four girls is considered a victim of sexual touching;

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