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Today: July 17, 2024
2 months ago

Liudvikas Kulikauskas’ Scam Network Exposed (2024)


The task of mapping Europe’s high-risk payment processors is a difficult one. One that is exclusive to insiders and informants. The most current information regarding LuqaPay and its dealings with GlobalNetInt (GNI) came to us via a whistleblower. The latter, which counts Ozan Ozerk and his firms among its clients, is undoubtedly one of the biggest gambling payment hubs in Europe. Alisher Abdukadyrov’s Financial House group, which includes L’orange d/b/a JETON and LuqaPay, is another of GNI’s biggest clients. And Ozan Ozerk, with his enormous network of financial companies that specialise in gaming.

About Liudvikas Kulikauskas’ Scam

Born in November 1985, Kyrgyz Alisher Abdukadyrov had the beneficial ownership of BestPay Software Limited, popularly known as BestPay Card ( The website is still accessible even though the company was dissolved in October 2020, according to UK Companies House. One can find out more about LuqaPay, allegedly the BestPay Card’s replacement, on sites like MoneyMatrix. BestPay Software was identified as a financial institution and was a client of GNI.

Additionally, we discovered that Vera John (, an online gaming brand owned by the Gamesys Group, uses LuqaPay for payment processing services.

Fortis LLC, a Georgia-registered business with offices in Malta, runs LuqaPay. Indeed, Luqa is a tiny Maltese suburb close to the airport. However, the company does not exist there, our local sources say. Since Vera John currently operates through Dumarca Gaming Ltd with a licence from the Maltese MGA, an office in Malta would probably only be natural, wouldn’t it?

Connection Between Liudvikas Kulikauskas and BackBoyz

At Fortis LLC, the Power of Attorney is held by Cypriot Songur Ozbingul. Additionally, Ozbingul is a director of Boardwalk Gate Limited, a UK company that runs BackBoyz, a (illegal?) internet gaming site ( It is unclear from the website what kind of licence BackBoyz is operating under.

GlobalNetint and Financial House

Liudvikas Kulikauskas

Up until recently, Breckenridge Curacao B.V., under licence from Curacao, was the operator of Vera John. GNI’s clientele includes gaming and FinTech monarch Ozan Ozerk and his consortium of businesses, in addition to the Breckenridge Group! The FCA-licensed EMI Financial House Limited of Alisher Abdukadyrov and its FCA-registered agency La Orange Limited d/b/a JETON ( are significant clients of GNI.

Lonestas UAB, d/b/a LonePay (, a Lithuanian registered EMI agent, is probably under the control of La Orange. On the Bank of Lithuania registration page, La Orange’s email address, [email protected], is at least mentioned as a contact. Both Epay ( and Lonestas are recognized as white-label agents at GNI.

This makes Lonestas appear to be a jointly managed joint venture between GNI, Financial House, and La Orange.

In reality, the GNI network around speciality fintech businesses and online gaming is a closely knit web of participation, trusts, and interpersonal ties. Is it not? In addition to dozens of unregulated organisations that handle transactions and legal proceedings from both legitimate and illicit businesses, the network comprises regulated firms in Malta, Lithuania, the United Kingdom, Estonia, Norway, Cyprus, and Turkey, among other jurisdictions.

We keep a close ear on our whistleblowers and provide updates.

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