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Today: July 23, 2024
2 months ago

Joseph Ryan Faber: A Criminal?


Joseph Ryan Faber, also known as J Ryan Faber or Ryan Faber, holds the managerial position at True View Commercial, LLC. The company claims to offer cost-effective insurance loss adjusting and claims handling services for both commercial and residential property owners.

Positioned as the insured’s representative, True View Commercial asserts its commitment to providing accurate and comprehensive assessments of insurance losses with a focus on maximizing cash recovery for policyholders.

Despite presenting itself as a certified public adjuster aiming to assist people, Joseph Ryan Faber’s True View Commercial has faced criticisms and allegations of unethical practices. The company, based at 16475 Dallas Parkway, Suite 755, Addison, Texas 75001, has been accused of lacking legal compliance and being non-aggressive in addressing client satisfaction and complaint resolution.

The website is the platform through which Joseph Ryan Faber conducts business for True View Commercial. The company’s reputation is marred by claims of unscrupulous practices, prompting concerns about its legitimacy and ethical standards.

True View Commercial

True View Commercial, headquartered in Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas (DFW), presents itself as a registered public adjusting firm specializing in handling large-loss commercial and residential insurance claims. Their team of adjusters boasts extensive experience, having settled insurance claims ranging from simple to complex damages worth millions of dollars.

These adjusters have worked in various capacities within the insurance industry, including as insurance company adjusters, field adjusters, catastrophe adjusters, desk adjusters, independent adjusters, appraisers, and public adjusters.

True View Commercial prides itself on exceeding industry standards with its staff of adjusters and claim specialists, who hold numerous certifications in their respective fields.

These additional certifications, such as Certified Matterport Photographers, Certified Thermography Specialists, and Certified HAAG Engineering Certified Inspectors, enable the team to accurately identify and document claims of damage.

By leveraging their expertise and reputable industry credentials, True View Commercial aims to provide comprehensive support to clients in navigating their insurance claims process.

What Does a Public Advisor Do?

A public advisor, an impartial insurance expert, can assist policyholders in navigating and resolving insurance claims. While insurance companies utilize independent adjusters or in-house adjusters to evaluate property damage and guide policyholders through the claims process at no cost, a public advisor offers an alternative.

In Massachusetts, policyholders have the option to hire a public insurance advisor to aid in filing claims and negotiating insurance claim reimbursement. Public insurance advisors represent claimants and receive compensation from the insurer, typically up to 10% of the total payout.

Why Do Insurance Policies Adjust?

An insurance adjuster, also known as a claims adjuster, is an individual responsible for managing claims submitted to insurance firms by insureds or claimants. These professionals carefully review the specifics of each case and determine an acceptable claim payout in accordance with the terms outlined in the insured’s policy.

The role of an insurance adjuster is to ensure a fair and accurate assessment of the claim, following the guidelines set forth in the insurance policy. Adjusters may work independently, as independent adjusters, or as in-house adjusters for insurance companies. Their objective is to objectively assess claims and reach resolutions aligned with the policy’s terms and conditions.

Joseph Ryan Faber Reviews

“Connection on a sexual level with a temporary employee”

Joseph Ryan Faber, commonly known as J Ryan Faber or Ryan Faber, serves as the manager of True View Commercial, LLC. However, serious allegations have been raised against him.

According to the review, Faber has been accused of engaging in corporate theft, conversion, and fraud during his tenure at his former employer. Although evidence of his wrongdoing was discovered, legal action could not be pursued due to the expiration of the statute of limitations.

Additionally, Faber allegedly had an inappropriate sexual relationship with a temporary employee while he was in the process of getting married to another employee. The accusations extend to involvement in various fraudulent activities, including real estate fraud, wire fraud, marriage fraud, and divorce fraud, all purportedly committed in collusion with his partner.

Given these allegations, caution is advised when considering engaging in business with True View Commercial public insurance adjusting, and individuals should exercise discretion when dealing with Joseph Ryan Faber.

Joseph Ryan Faber and TrueView Commercial Allegations

Joseph Ryan Faber and TrueView Commercial have been embroiled in a series of concerning allegations. Well-documented reports indicate that Faber was involved in theft from his previous employer, specifically misusing company funds and committing theft by conversion. Disturbingly, claims of sexual misconduct towards coworkers during his prior job have also surfaced.

The accusations extend to deeply personal matters, alleging marriage fraud and inappropriate relations, including obscene coitus with his aunt. Shockingly, it is asserted that Ryan Faber engaged in incestuous behavior, cheating on his baby’s mother while in a fictitious marriage and even with his married aunt.

This individual is described as lacking a moral compass and showing no regard for personal, corporate, or professional ethics. The review serves as a strong cautionary message, advising individuals to approach interactions with Joseph Ryan Faber or TrueView Commercial with extreme care.

The warning is particularly emphasized in personal relationships, urging vigilance if this individual approaches one’s wife or girlfriend.

How much money do clients of Joseph Ryan Faber lose?

Clients of J. Ryan Faber – True View Commercial, LLC have reported incurring losses of up to $300,000. The severity of these incident reports is notably high.

What does a public adjuster do exactly?

A public adjuster acts as an impartial insurance expert, representing the policyholder to ensure a prompt and equitable resolution of their claim. Their role includes:

  • Assessing the extent of damage, associated costs, and the timeline for repair or replacement of structures or property.
  • Assisting the policyholder in understanding their insurance policy, managing the claim process, completing paperwork, and adhering to deadlines.
  • Acting as a liaison between the policyholder, the insurance company, and any other relevant parties, such as attorneys or witnesses.
  • Negotiating with the insurance provider to secure a fair settlement on behalf of the policyholder.

When Should You Consider Hiring a Public Adjuster?

There is no strict guideline for when to enlist the services of a public adjuster, but there are certain scenarios where it may be advantageous:

  • You are filing a significant claim for extensive, complex, or high-value damages to your property, such as fire damage.
  • You have concerns about the assessment provided by your insurer’s adjuster.
  • You believe that the settlement offered by your insurer is unjust or insufficient.
  • You require assistance navigating a challenging claims process.

What Are the Fees Charged by Public Adjusters?

Public adjusters typically charge a percentage of the total claim settlement. Their fee can range from as low as 3% to as high as 30% of the insurance settlement amount, depending on the complexity and size of the claim.

For example, if your final claim amount is $250,000 and your adjuster charges 10%, you would pay approximately $25,000 in fees. Alternatively, some public adjusters may operate on an hourly or fixed fee basis. The cost of hiring a public adjuster can vary based on factors such as the specifics of your claim, your location, the adjuster’s fee structure, and their expertise.

To determine the potential cost based on your specific circumstances and location, it’s advisable to obtain quotes or estimates from different public adjusters when considering their services.

Final Thoughts

In summary, Joseph Ryan Faber, while married, was involved in stealing from his company and had an inappropriate relationship with a coworker.

Furthermore, Joseph Ryan Faber has been accused of various fraudulent activities, including real estate fraud and wire fraud, alongside his partner.

It’s best to steer clear of True View Commercial for insurance needs and avoid dealing with Joseph Ryan Faber altogether.

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