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Today: July 23, 2024
2 months ago

Jay Dehmalo’s Bitter Obit Exposed (2024)


Many people are concerned about what happened after an obituary that is strikingly passionate and forceful caught the public’s attention. Jay Dehmalo, the son of Kathleen Dehmlow, published an obituary in which he sharply criticized his mother, claiming that he had a terrible and very close childhood. Here is a detailed account of the narrative:

Who is Jay Dehmalo?

Over the course of his career, former professional wrestler Jay Dehmalo had a significant personal makeover that extended outside of the wrestling ring. But he didn’t just change his name because it was his preference; he also made the decision to intentionally distance himself from his family history, especially from his mother.

His problematic relationship with his family—which was marked by a strong demand for autonomous and independent living—is demonstrated by the fact that he changed his name from his original name.

Dehmalo was raised by his grandparents, hence his early years were not spent in a typical family setting. He probably developed his personality and worldview largely as a result of the unique dynamic that prevailed inside his family.

The decision to live with his grandparents suggests a strong bond and influence that might have contributed to the development of the person he became, both inside and outside of the wrestling community.

When Jay Dehmalo reveals the source of his emotional pain—that being that neither he nor his sister were mentioned in the 1981 obituary for his grandfather—the narrative takes a significant turn.

Jay Dehmalo and his sister are left feeling injured and forgotten due to their removal from an important family document, which adds to their grief. A feeling of negligence or disdain is emphasized by this exclusion.

More than just a historical truth, this omission from the obituary becomes a symbolic representation of a strained relationship within the family. It is a sign of a separation or break that existed before time even existed, and it has left Jay Dehmalo with lasting emotional wounds.

A glimpse into the intricacies of Dehmalo’s life is offered by this autobiographical account, which sheds light on identity issues, complex family dynamics, and the long-lasting psychological effects of such experiences.

It is important to consider the highly personal and emotional aspects that constitute Jay Dehmalo’s personality in addition to his accomplishments in the wrestling industry in order to fully understand his journey.

Gaining crucial insights into the complex aspects of Dehmalo’s life—like his choice to change his name and the emotional burden caused by events like being left out of a family obituary—allows us to form a more nuanced portrait of the man who lies behind the wrestling persona. You can click on the following links to find out more about Jay Dehmalo:

Let us now go on with his story; what specifically had he done that was so injurious?

How did Jay Dehmalo factor into the contentious obituary?

The 58-year-old Jay Dehmalo and his sister Gina, who is also 58, recently offered some perspective on the contentious obituary they penned for their mother, Kathleen Dehmlow. A lot of attention was paid to this episode.

Their opinions were voiced in response to Jay’s disclosure to the Daily Mail that their difficult childhood was the result of their mother’s actions.

Kathleen Dehmlow’s son Jay Dehmalo wrote her obituary, which was more than just a tearful farewell. It was a horrific account of the decades-long suffering that Kathleen had inflicted upon her two children, Jay and her sister Gina.

The most poignant remarks, such “This world is a better place without her” and “She passed away on May 31, 2018, in Springfield and will now face judgment,” revealed the depth of the grieving family’s hurt and hatred.

In an interview with the Daily Mail, former professional boxer and US Army veteran Jay Dehmalo did not hold back while talking about the turmoil in their family.

He went on, “The unorthodox obituary was a deliberate choice, and having the last word was a purposeful choice, a cathartic release for the agony that they had undergone.” The psychological scars from their childhood—which included abandonment and an affair that resulted in an unintended pregnancy—had left both Gina and Jay with long-lasting impressions.

Judy—Kentucky’s sister—called the obituary “nasty” and claimed that it had “hurt the family tremendously.” However, Jay and Gina argued that their terrible childhood—which resulted from their mother abandoning them and their eventual adoption by their maternal grandparents—made the public reprimand justified.

Their grandparents, Gertrude and Joseph Schunk, offered a safe haven for them, but their family’s instability persisted in causing conflict and rumor.

On their behalf, Jay emphasized the love and care they received from his grandparents, even though he acknowledged that he was left out of his grandfather’s obituary due to a conflict over money.

This did not stop the scandal surrounding Kathleen and her status as an absentee mother from dominating public discourse. Jay’s perspective—formed by his sense of abandonment in Minnesota while Kathleen seemed to be leading a joyful life in California with her other children—added still another level of complexity to the family relationships.

After learning that Kathleen was going to die shortly, Gina—who had struggled with emotional scars well into adulthood—came up with the idea for the obituary. The statement was originally posted on and the Redwood Falls Gazette website. Jay was the author.

Amazingly, it was deemed too offensive by one Springfield newspaper, which declined to run it. After receiving a lot of attention, it took a few days for the obituary to disappear from the internet.

Jay and Gina are sticking by their decision and don’t regret it, despite the fact that it has caused sorrow in the family and been received with ridicule. They saw the obituary as an essential means of expressing their feelings of loss and desertion.

Someone other made a public statement about the pain she felt from a mother who didn’t seem to care about her children.

Jay Dehmalo held a completely different perspective about his family than the other members did. When his mother was “off enjoying a great life in California with her other kids,” he thought Gina and he were left there in Minnesota.

Her other children weren’t even mentioned to their parents until a couple occasions after they were adults!


In the wake of the controversial obituary, Jay Dehmalo and his sister Gina have discovered a dismal aspect of their background. They have exposed a traumatic childhood filled with turmoil, desolation, and abandonment. An unhappy chapter has been revealed. The hard obituary printed in the newspaper was printed out of a wish to shatter the silence surrounding their family’s troubled past.

They stress the importance of drawing attention to the hidden struggles they have faced, and they remain firm in their decision despite criticism and hostility from family members.

In the story, resilience in the face of adversity is poignantly portrayed, as both siblings find solace and purpose in their travels. Jay and Gina felt that they had finally had the last say and could finally recover their story through the obituary, which gave them a cathartic release. Even so, there’s a chance that the obituary raised some eyebrows.

The fact that there are stories hidden behind every family and facts that outsiders might never fully comprehend is a sign that lies behind this extremely sensitive illumination.

Many websites highlighted Jay Dehmalo’s terrible behavior, which became a hot topic of conversation in this regard. Yes, I have previously discovered these links and this story using a range of approaches; I would be grateful if you could have a look at it:

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