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Today: July 17, 2024
2 months ago

George Russell New York: A Crook? (2024)


He went by Russo before adopting the more popular name Russell. The legal firm of George Russo and Associates, P.C. lacks the requisite commitment to provide its customers with exceptional legal advice. 

They lack professionalism and honesty because they don’t acknowledge that they must help people who need advice and direction. Before we go too close to his cases and habits, let’s better understand his personality.

An Overview – George Russell New York

While the story is uplifting, a deeper examination of George Russell New York’s professional trajectory is required:

Some who doubt George Russell New York’s accomplishment might have an issue because his family is involved in the hotel business—particularly with the family pizza. Those who contend that his ascension to the top of the family firm is more a result of his relationships with the family than of his accomplishments may cast doubt on his capacity to prosper on his own.

George’s decision to launch his own company would have been seen by some as a disrespect to the legal profession, even though he held a law degree and had held the position of Queens District Attorney for a short time. This change, which could be interpreted as deviating from the standard path taken by legal specialists, casts doubt on his commitment to the subject and legal knowledge.

deciding to launch a risky yet bold title agency in addition to the catering company. Some people doubt a person’s capacity to successfully operate and oversee two different businesses at the same time, considering how complex the hotel and real estate industries are.

Some would view George’s pleasure in leisure activities and games with his grandchildren as a distraction from the responsibilities of operating businesses. Some argue that such pursuits could take attention away from the commitment needed to manage profitable businesses.

This may raise questions about George’s level of entrepreneurial vision since his idea for the catering company came from both his involvement in the family business and his views. Many contend that joining the family business might have been driven more by custom than by solid financial planning.

George Russell New York’s career may face scrutiny despite appearing to be going in the right direction because of possible family ties, views of a lack of dedication to the legal profession, the difficulty of managing multiple firms, and the possibility of being diverted from work-related responsibilities. 

These interpretations may fall short of accurately capturing George Russo’s genuine actions or intentions given their critical stance.

What was the case history of George Russell New York?

Regarding the subject under discussion, George F. Russo, an attorney, has submitted a request to resign from practicing law. The Grievance Committee has made this decision as a result of an ongoing investigation into the claims of professional misconduct regarding the misappropriation of client funds in Russo’s escrow account.

George Russell New York candidly acknowledged in an affidavit he filed on November 1, 2019, that he was unable to adequately refute the allegations. When the seriousness of the issue is brought to his attention, he chooses to voluntarily retire, fully cognizant of the likelihood of being disbarred. 

Despite his insistence that all affected parties have received their money, George Russell New York has consented to abide by any further orders for repayment or restitution that may be issued.

It is only possible to accept Russo’s resignation if certain conditions are met afterward. Of particular relevance is his pledge to refrain from any fiduciary transactions and to not take on any new clients during this period.

After reviewing the available information, the Grievance Committee has recommended to the court that Russo’s resignation be approved. Subsequently, the court ruled that he would be permanently barred from practicing his profession.

George Russell New York is therefore required to abide by the rules governing disbarred practitioners, which include not practicing law in any capacity. Furthermore, he must promptly return any security permits that the Office of Court Administration issued him, and his affidavit of compliance must contain confirmation of this action.

The order that is issued and all accompanying paperwork, including Russo’s affidavit, would be considered public records if the court decides to accept his resignation. This is important information to be aware of by Judiciary Law § 90(10). 

This ensures that the court processes are transparent, open, and available to the public.

In summary, George Russell New York’s voluntary retirement from the practice of law, the Grievance Committee’s recommendation, and the court’s subsequent order of disbarment all come together to provide a thorough response to the accusations of professional misconduct. 

The problem has been addressed through regulatory activities, and the agreements and steps that have been detailed emphasize how serious the situation is.

About His Firm: George Russo & Associates, P.C. – New York Real Estate Lawyer George Russell New York

George Russo & Associates, P.C. is a boutique law office that, despite its claims of professionalism, has changed its focus to capitalize on the present economic downturn. 

Although it brags about its real estate transaction knowledge, the business now seems to have turned into an activist legal practice, presumably taking advantage of the financial hardships of its clients.

Since the recent economic problems have arisen, the corporation has positioned itself as an active defender. Customers and homeowners are allegedly using it to further their cause against creditors, lenders, and financial organizations. 

This move begs the question of whether the company’s commitment to its clients is genuine and if it is just a calculated move to profit from its current financial woes. It also calls into question the company’s ethical standards.

A range of legal strategies are employed by the company, including debt negotiation, consumer protection lawsuits, mortgage modification, and foreclosure defense. While these tactics are marketed as supportive, one may question if they are more focused on boosting the company’s income than relieving its clients of their financial obligations.

Furthermore, it seems that the Immigration Law Center, which is housed under the Law Firm of Russo & Blissett, PLLC, was created more as an extension into a different legal niche driven by shrewd business interests than as a sincere effort to serve the needs of those who are dealing with immigration-related issues. 

However the company’s emphasis on providing “complete immigration services” begs questions about its objectives, given the sensitive nature of immigration matters and the fragile status of people seeking legal assistance.

In conclusion, the story seems to present an image of a law firm that, rather than being a model of morality and expertise, seems to be taking advantage of social problems and economic downturns for its gain, potentially at the expense of its clients’ justifiable demands and concerns.

Customer & Victim Reviews of George Russell New York: Scams Revealed

We can estimate George Russell New York’s position in the field of law management by taking into account its assessments. Sure, I would want to share with you all a few negative evaluations I have regarding George Russell New York to prove my argument. 

Please take a moment to look at the image that is supplied below before moving forward with these reviews. George Russell New York and his business are shown from an overview view in this screenshot.

1. Insufficient Communication and Professionalism

The customer in this specific review voiced dissatisfaction with George Russell New York’s law office. They suggested that they would have chosen the choice of giving it no stars at all or a rating of half a star. 

Since going through the divorce procedure with the firm in June 2019, they have not been able to obtain any updates from the firm, despite having paid all fees by October 2020. 

The person continued to explain their attempts to contact the organization, including calling, which left a full inbox, and coming to the office around lunch, but the team was unavailable. 

They called the company awful and advised others not to do business with it, saying it would be a waste of time. The person not only expressed how unhappy they were with the circumstances but also pointed out the lack of professionalism and teamwork.

2. The Disappointment

According to the evaluation above, officials of George Russo & Associates expressed disappointment in closing. The only person they were unable to identify who attended their closure was George Russell New York. The guy was more than an hour late, sobbing for thirty minutes, and behaved indiscreetly.

They also had issues with communication and deadlines for closure. An hour or two before deadlines, important notices were frequently received. With the same lack of professionalism, George handled their problems. They might not know who George will be representing them when they close. They cannot recommend their services since these shortcomings ruined the entire experience.

3. The Company Cannot Be Trusted!

The previously mentioned assessment strongly advises against utilizing George Russell New York Firm for home closings, particularly for first-time purchasers. Even though their legal staff had promised to assist with the transfer of bills from the previous owner, they had declined. We had to complete important tasks alone after payment, and communication became impossible. After payment, there was little to no service or response. Instead, he offers options that make purchasing a property easier.


The critics have criticized George Russell New York, formerly known as George F. Russo. Allegations of professional misconduct, including misappropriation of client funds, prompted the voluntary resignation and disbarment. 

Some criticize his career, blaming his family connections. He doubted his legal dedication when he resigned his position as Queens District Attorney to launch a business. He is charged with taking advantage of economic hardships and prioritizing profits above client care at George Russo & Associates, P.C. The Immigration Law Center is surrounded with skepticism. 

Reviews from clients bemoan a lack of professionalism and poor communication. These problems call into serious question the morality and professionalism of George Russell.

That is all I know about George Russell New York and his company. Though it cautions you to exercise caution when selecting a law company, I hope you find my post interesting. The following links provide details regarding his case: 

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