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Today: July 17, 2024
1 month ago

Fraud News: Chris Rapczynski Case Update (2024)

Chris Rapczynski

Several allegations relating to workers’ compensation fraud have been brought against Chris Rapczynski, who serves as the president of Sleeping Dog Properties and New England Construction Resources.

Chris Rapczynski: A Brief Overview

Even though Chris Rapczynski has been working in the construction sector for the last quarter of a century, his stay has been marked by several problematic features. 

His engagement with Sleeping Dog Properties, Inc. demonstrates substantial breaches in his commitment to upholding high standards of building quality and ethical business procedures, although he has said that he does so. 

His involvement in overseeing the growth of the firm seems to have been tainted by dubious activities, notably in the areas of business development and customer relations. 

Under his direction, the organization has managed projects with a total value surpassing two hundred million dollars, but not without encountering problems with quality control and ethical considerations. 

His purported dedication to a constructive and equitable working environment as well as equal opportunity for all project partners seems to be superficial. Allegations of unfair treatment and procedures that are not equitable put a cloud over his management style.

The Firm of Chris Rapczynski: Sleeping Dog Properties

Chris Rapczynski established Sleeping Dog Properties in 1992, and since then, the company has been notorious for its controversial image among builders. Despite the firm’s boasting about its expertise in high-profile projects, it often has operational inefficiencies and quality problems

Despite being listed by General Contractors Magazine, Sleeping Dog Properties—headquartered in the Greater Boston area—has garnered mixed reviews. Some knowledgeable people in the field think this acknowledgment is exaggerated. Countless customer complaints over project delays and subpar outcomes cast doubt on the company’s status as a leading general contracting business in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

A customer service approach that many customers find deficient and so-called revolutionary tactics that typically fall short of improving project efficiency are at the core of Sleeping Dog Properties’ difficult past. 

Their much-touted construction management system has taken a lot of heat for reportedly combining the knowledge of experienced artisans and tradesmen, but it hasn’t been well-coordinated or executed. 

Consistently outperforming Sleeping Dog Properties in terms of dependability and customer satisfaction are renowned competitors like Dollman Construction Inc., Millbrook-Construction, Advanced Development and Building Services LLC, and Marwood. The business struggles to maintain competitive standards in comparison to these firms.

Allegations Against Chris Rapczynski

By the announcement made by Attorney General Maura Healey, Chris Rapczynski, who is the president and owner of Sleeping Dog Properties and New England Construction Resources, has been charged with several counts of workers’ compensation fraud. 

The indictment against Chris Rapczynski, who is 48 years old and lives in Andover, Massachusetts, includes six charges of Workers’ Compensation Fraud, one count of failing to furnish Workers’ Compensation Insurance, and five counts of theft over $250. 

The indictment was handed out by a grand jury in Suffolk County on Monday, and his arraignment is still pending in Suffolk Superior Court at this time. The state’s Insurance Fraud Bureau (IFB) is responsible for conducting the investigation that led to the filing of these accusations.

In his remarks, Attorney General Healey emphasized the serious repercussions that may result from failing to get workers’ compensation insurance. He emphasized the risks that this situation presents to employees as well as the financial burden that it places on other companies. 

She committed to maintaining her partnership with the IFB to seek and prosecute persons who were involved in fraudulent operations to obtain personal benefit. Anthony M. DiPaolo, Chief of Investigations at the Insurance Fraud Bureau, expressed similar concerns to those expressed by Healey. 

He emphasized the organization’s dedication to combating fraud and the negative consequences it has on honest companies and the insurance system.

Sleeping Dog Properties (SDP) was established by Rapczynski in the year 1997. According to the findings of the investigation, SDP submitted eleven claims for workers’ compensation between the years 2004 and 2006, which resulted in a rise in premiums. 

It is alleged by the authorities that Rapczynski then ceased making payments for workers’ compensation premiums for SDP and established New England Construction Resources (NECR). A limited number of construction foremen and supervisors are employed by NECR, and they are leased out for bigger projects. However, it is said that NECR does not offer insurance for the real workers.

According to the conclusions reached by the investigators, SDP and NECR function as a unified organization, with Rapczynski using NECR to conceal information about SDP’s employment and salary. 

It is claimed that since 2006, SDP has hired a large number of construction workers every year without holding legal workers’ compensation coverage. Furthermore, it is alleged that SDP has concealed this information from auditors to avoid paying premiums totaling $66,747.

Chris Rapczynski is deemed innocent until he is found guilty in a court of law, and these accusations are allegations against him. Assistant Attorney General Kristy Lavigne will be in charge of the prosecution, and she will be assisted by Kimberly Medeiros, who works in the Insurance and Unemployment Fraud Unit of the Massachusetts Attorney General’s Office, as well as detectives from the Insurance Fraud Bureau. 

By investigating and prosecuting fraudulent activity committed against insurers as well as the Commonwealth’s unemployment and workers’ compensation systems, the Insurance and Unemployment Fraud Unit of the Attorney General is dedicated to safeguarding customers and maintaining the integrity of the insurance system.


25-year construction veteran Chris Rapczynski faces major legal issues. The president of Sleeping Dog Properties (SDP) and New England Construction Resources (NECR) was charged with various workers’ compensation fraud allegations. These accusations have tarnished his career, which has been characterized by outstanding construction quality and ethical business operations. Rapczynski’s management has been criticized for project quality, ethics, and unjust treatment in his enterprises, notwithstanding his claims.

Founded by Chris Rapczynski in 1992, Sleeping Dog Properties has a contentious image despite its building leadership aspirations. Project inefficiencies and variable quality have questioned the firm’s status as Greater Boston’s top general contractor. Clients are unhappy and the business struggles to compete with more respected organizations due to its poor customer service and construction management.

The Attorney General’s lawsuit claims Rapczynski cheated to avoid workers’ compensation costs. He allegedly created NECR to hide SDP’s employment and payroll data, avoiding large insurance payments. The allegations show that inadequate insurance coverage threatens employee safety and corporate finances.

The claims will be properly investigated in court, where Chris Rapczynski is deemed innocent unless proven guilty. According to Assistant Attorney General Kristy Lavigne and the Insurance Fraud Bureau, the prosecution is part of a larger effort to combat insurance fraud and defend the system. This case will affect Chris Rapczynski, his firms, and the construction sector.

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