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Today: July 17, 2024
1 month ago

Fraud News: Cheyanne Mallas Case Update (2024)

Cheyanne Mallas

As Cheyanne Mallas engaged in illegal activities or behaviors, she may have been liable to a suspension as a consequence of her actions. Let’s have a broader understanding of her personality, shall we?

Cheyanne Mallas: Examining Cases

The individual who filed a lawsuit against Cheyanne Mallas, also known as PA Cheyanne, is Rozana Khan, who is the Executive Officer of the Physician Assistant Board. She is the one who is making the complaint in the case. 

The action was brought by her in her professional role, and she was represented by Rob Bonta, the attorney general of California, and Peggie Bradford Tarwater, the deputy attorney general of California throughout the process

She is the party at issue here, and her lawyer, Raymond J. McMahon, may be reached at 5440 Trabuco Road, Irvine, CA 92620. Up until her license expires, Cheyanne Mallas has a physician assistant license from the Physician Assistant Board.

At all times relevant to the claims made in the First Amended Accusation, the license was valid and in operation. 


Currently, the Board is examining a First Amended Accusation that has been submitted against Cheyanne Mallas. This accusation has been presented before the Board. On April 7, 2021, Cheyanne Mallas was served with the First Amended Accusation as well as any other papers that were required to be served. The Notice of Defense that Cheyanne Mallas submitted to dispute the First Amended Accusation was submitted promptly.

Advisement and Waivers 

Cheyanne Mallas: Pennsylvania In addition to being aware of the charges and accusations, Cheyanne has carefully examined the First Amended Accusation, discussed it in great depth with legal counsel, and is aware of the allegations.

Additionally, Cheyanne has extensively researched, discussed with legal counsel, and appreciated the ramifications of this Stipulated Surrender of License and Order after doing extensive research on the subject.

She is well-versed in her legal rights in this matter, which include the following: the power to present evidence and proof on her behalf, the ability to question and cross-examine parties involved, the precise ability to rely on the claims and accusations in the First Amended Reproach, and the power to issue summonses to require the presence of parties and the surrender of documents.


If the allegations and allegations included in the First Amended Accusation are determined to be accurate during a hearing, she is aware that her doctor’s associate certification might be suspended. This is something that she is aware of.

It has been brought to Cheyanne Mallas’s attention that the Complainant may submit the First Amended Accusation at a hearing to avoid the expense and danger of taking alternative measures. It is necessary to offer evidence to back up the allegations that were made in the First Amended Accusation and to demonstrate that these allegations constitute grounds for disciplinary action.

Cheyanne Mallas: PA If she agrees to these accusations, To argue against the existence of a reason for punishment, Cheyanne has given up her right to do so.

Having agreed to this condition, she is aware that the Board has the authority to order the surrender of her physician assistant certification without requiring her to go through any extra processes.


There is a requirement that this provision be approved by the Board. The complainant’s attorney and the Board staff may talk with the Boards directly on this agreement and submission, and she recognizes and agrees that this may occur without prior notice to Cheyanne Mallas or her attorneys, as well as without their involvement.

Through the act of writing the provision, she recognizes and accepts that she is unable to alter her mind or make an effort to withdraw the contract before the Board has had the opportunity to evaluate and act on it. 


The Board is now instructed to accept Cheyanne Mallas’s Physician Assistant certification. Disciplinary action has been conducted against Cheyanne Mallas with her license surrender. The stipulation documents this information, which is then added to Cheyanne Mallas’s license record with the Board.

Cheyanne Mallas lost all privileges and powers as a Physician Assistant in California on the effective date of the Board’s Decision and Order. On or before April 3, 2023, Cheyanne Mallas must submit her pocket license and any wall certificate, if applicable, to the Board.

Given that Cheyanne Mallas: PA If Cheyanneever wants to be reinstated in California, they may submit an application or a petition, and the Board will take the latter. Paterson, Cheyanne Mallas Cheyanne has two years from the date of license surrender to apply for reinstatement.

When Cheyanne Mallas files a reinstatement petition, she must follow all the rules and regulations that are in place to restore a license that has been revoked or relinquished. When the Board determines whether to approve or reject the petition, Cheyanne will be considered to have accepted all of the accusations and claims included in the First Amended Accusation as accurate and correct.

For PA Cheyanne to get a new or restored license, she must pay $50,191.00 to cover the expenses of the inquiry and enforcement.

For any Statement of Issues or other proceeding aiming to deny or restrict licensure, all charges and allegations contained in the First Amended Accusation shall be considered true, correct, and admitted by Cheyanne Mallas if PA Cheyanne applies, reapplies, or petitions for reinstatement of a license with any other California healthcare licensing agency.

The Cheyanne Mallas YouTube Channel: PA Cheyanne on YouTube

Personal Assistant Cheyanne Mallas Just six people have subscribed to Cheyanne’s 85-video YouTube account, @CheyanneMallas_PrivateSuiteLA. Therefore, whether the surgeon is real or not is an open topic. Check visit Cheyanne Mallas: PA for more information on her and her procedures. My dear Cheyanne. 

P.A. Cheyanne Mallas: Who is this Cheyanne Mallas? 

Their story goes like this: they’re going Off The Beaten Path with PA Cheyanne, who is the Founder, CEO, and injector at The Private Suite LA.

She started in the fragrance industry in France, but she felt the need to pursue something more meaningful, so she went back to New York City to get her PA degree.

Although plastic surgery was initially her goal, she decided to get a head start by enrolling in a school for physician assistants. Here is a website where you can find out more about her: Patricia Mallas: My name is Cheyanne.

As a result, she is said to be engaged in deceitful surgical procedures, purportedly performing customers’ operations in an unethical and worrying manner. Furthermore, she is now facing a lawsuit.


The controversy surrounding Cheyanne Mallas highlights how critical it is for medical professionals to uphold both ethical and legal standards in their work. The circumstances surrounding her case serve as an example of how professional misbehavior may result in serious repercussions, such as the suspension or revocation of a license and even considerable financial fines. 

Moving ahead, Cheyanne Mallas will have to navigate a difficult route to rebuild her professional status and reputation. This will be dependent on her ability to show that she adheres to ethical norms and that she complies with regulatory requirements.

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