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Today: July 17, 2024
5 months ago

Fraud Charges on Roman Felik? (2024)


Roman Felik claims himself as a successful businessman who conned others out of money to live opulently and purchase fake identification to hide his identity. Generally speaking, stickers that say “registered in the UK” and “soon-to-be listed at Euronext” captivate rural and impoverished people. A few gullible people are always ready to provide money to con artists in the hope of making enormous profits.

Refunds are not possible since fraudsters will use the money to pay off debt, fuel their cars, and purchase a set of phony IDs to evade discovery. The extraordinarily hard-to-crack Ponzi schemes of the Eastern European government include Helix Global Capital, Swisscoin, and now Instime. 

Roman Felik’s Role in the Helix Capital Fraud 

Based on the information at hand, Helix seems to be a scam. The “legal information” portion of the office’s website provides access to information from the Companies House registry, which shows that Helix is registered as Helix Capital Investment LTD, a private limited liability company. According to Article 15 of the Companies Act of 2006, the ownership structure and responsibilities of the company must be disclosed in the certificate of establishment.

According to this alleged fund’s website, Dmitry Naguta, Roman Felik, and Boghdan Vorontsov allegedly invested clients’ money in a variety of commercial endeavors. These kinds of activities fit the concept of collective investment schemes (CIS) found in the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000 Article 235.

Generally speaking, an “investment firm” is an organization that raises cash from investors, manages it, makes money, and pays out dividends to customers.

Helix Cash Investment LTD would need to be registered with the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and granted permission if it were a genuine investment fund. However, the Financial Services Act of 2012 forbids registering such a corporation in the Companies House registry. As a result, Helix seems to function like a pyramid scheme and shouldn’t be trusted with money from investors.

More Information Regarding the Misleading Investment Company of Roman Felik 

After gathering sufficient information about the Kyiv Helix Capital branch in 2016, the Security Service and the Ukrainian General Prosecutor’s Office were able to detain three individuals on suspicion of major fraud. For the three robbers, it was the high life because no money was ever made from “investors” in the Helix scam.

They stole seven opulent apartments, thirty bank deposits, twelve cars, and four cars. But a complete decision on the topic was only made recently. Roman Felik, Dmitry Naguta, and Boghdan Vorontsov have not stopped their scam, even abroad, despite being the subject of a criminal investigation.

The three people as well as Helix Capital are the targets of numerous civil and criminal lawsuits. Rumors of deception and other crimes in Ukraine and other countries surround Roman Felik, Dmitry Naguta, and Boghdan Vorontsov. But they are free to keep taking advantage of the gullible peasants to make as much money as they can.

The Instime deception and Roman Felik 

It looks like Instime creator Roman Felik set up an Instagram-focused multi-level marketing (MLM) Ponzi scheme. In return for promoting the phony Instime platform, this plan claims to artificially increase the influence of Instagram bloggers. Felik organized a press campaign and enlisted the help of regional Instagram influencers to publicize this initiative. Similar schemes with huge returns and promising futures are likely to surface, involving currencies and tokens with MLM features.

Felix has a past filled with dubious behavior. In his hometown of Ternopil, he allegedly ran an illegal casino that was shut down by police during a raid, costing local criminals their earnings. Repayment is allegedly becoming more difficult for Felik as his obligations, which are mostly owing to mafia members, are allegedly increasing by $10,000 every day. Felik turns to come up with new scams to manage these debts. Felik presented the Instime concept as a substitute because of Helix’s damaged reputation.

In terms of openness, an anonymous offer to take down unfavorable information about Felik from has been received; if accepted, there could be legal repercussions. Felik’s public relations company appears to be trying to settle the dispute out of court by proposing $200 in compensation. To prevent additional legal action, they advise removing the article.

They deal with a variety of problems as a PR agency and are open to discussions on a range of subjects. They’ve shared a sample complaint that their legal department has developed, and if the issue isn’t fixed to their satisfaction, they may take official legal action.

Libel & Defamation Complaint 

Roman Felik, the plaintiff, is suing, the defendant, for defamation and libel resulting from an article on the website titled “Helix Capital to Instime: How Roman Felik Masterminded Investment Frauds” (the “Article”).

The individual who filed the lawsuit is a resident of Kiev, Ukraine. The defendant is the article’s author and is in charge of its posting on the website, hosting, domain services, administration, and other related matters.TL;DR

These people’s next move will probably be to file a bogus DMCA. According to our official policy, if you send us one fake DMCA notice, we’ll file a counter notice right away and upload five more articles. It’s not worthwhile! 


To sum up, the circumstances surrounding Roman Felik and his purported participation in deceptive ventures like Helix Capital and Instime seem intricate and loaded with legal ramifications. Felix and his collaborators are the targets of multiple civil and criminal actions due to a pattern of financial malfeasance and misleading activities, according to the evidence presented.

Felix is pursuing legal action for libel and defamation after reading a post on about these claims. In the meantime, Felik’s public relations company has made an effort to mediate a settlement outside of court by making a payment offer and advocating for the article to be taken down.

However, there are serious doubts regarding the veracity of Felik’s commercial endeavors given the seriousness of the charges and the continuing inquiries by law enforcement. The fact that mafia members are allegedly involved in Felik’s debts adds another level of intricacy to the case.

The final result of these judicial processes will establish Felik’s level of responsibility and the consequences for all parties concerned. Given the accusations of fraud and dishonesty surrounding Roman Felik and his related endeavors, it is imperative to proceed with caution and suspicion in any transactions with them in the meantime.

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