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Today: July 17, 2024
5 months ago

Fraud Accusations on Nicholas Zappas Fitness? (2024)


After being detained and accused of insurance fraud and perjury, Orange County, California sheriff’s deputy Nicholas Zappas Fitness found himself in legal hot water. Zappas allegedly persisted in engaging in strenuous physical activities, such as CrossFit sessions, without disclosing to his physicians that he was under medical instructions not to lift more than 10 pounds because of injuries he had received at work. Video footage exposed his acts, which resulted in his arrest and the following legal steps.

After an incident at work, Zappas, a veteran of the Orange County Sheriff’s Department, submitted a workers’ compensation claim for injuries to his neck, lower back, and shoulder. He was forced to accept a desk job due to his physical restrictions, but he persisted with his CrossFit workouts, which included weightlifting and bodyweight exercises.

Insurance fraud and perjury accusations resulted from his claimed false statements made under oath during a deposition, as well as his failure to report his physical activity. Zappas’ arrest was verified by the Orange County District Attorney’s Office, which also filed several counts against him for each infraction. Should he be found guilty, he might face a lengthy jail term.

This case brings to light the grave repercussions of insurance fraud and perjury, as well as ethical concerns about exercising against medical advice when filing a claim for work-related ailments. The resolution of this legal dispute may affect Zappas as well as the fitness industry and the larger legal system.

Zappas Nicholas, who is he? 

Entrepreneur Nicholas Zappas Fitness, of Dana Point, California, is the Owner and Founder of two different businesses: Peaceful Warrior Jiu Jitsu and Fitness, and Lion Shield Protection. He has a degree from the University of Phoenix among his credentials. Nicholas has also developed his abilities and knowledge from his work as a successful business owner, lifeguard, and EMT.

Prosecutors claim that Zappas engaged in strenuous training regimens, specifically CrossFit, between May and November of 2015. They said that he lifted weights of more than 200 pounds and engaged in exercises like box jumps and squats, going beyond the recommended limits set by his physicians.

Zappas was accused of seven felonies of perjury under oath and eleven felonies of insurance fraud. The maximum sentence for these counts was sixteen years in jail. 

UniCourt Files Lawsuit on Nicholas Zappas’ Fitness: 

In a motor vehicle personal injury case, Tamara Flores filed a complaint against Nicholas Zappas and Nicholas B. Zappas on November 6, 2018, according to UniCourt records. In Orange, California, at the Orange County Central Justice Center, a lawsuit was filed.

In addition to the case status being stated as “Not Classified By Court,” which indicates that the court has not yet given an opinion or taken any action on the case, the case synopsis lacks particular facts.

Nicholas Zappas and Nicholas B. Zappas are mentioned as defendants in the action, and Tamara Flores is listed as the plaintiff. It’s unclear if the lawsuits are directed against these two people collectively or at each individual.

Banner Attorneys, a legal practice that focuses on personal injury matters, is defending the plaintiff. Conversely, the law firm Raffalow, Bretoi, Lutz & Stele, which does not specify whether it specializes in any particular area of law, is representing the defendants.

Regarding the specifics of the motor vehicle event that resulted in the lawsuit or the nature of the personal injury claim, no information is available. It provides the case number.

Overall, the lawsuit is still in its early phases; the court has not yet assigned a status or taken any further action. The case’s development and any new information about the plaintiff’s allegations against the defendant or defendants, as well as the lawsuit’s verdict, will be important to watch.   


Ultimately, the apprehension and accusations levied on Nicholas Zappas Fitness, an Orange County, California, sheriff’s deputy, illuminated the grave ramifications associated with insurance fraud and perjury. This case calls into question the morality of defying medical advice when exercising to report injuries sustained at work. The fitness industry and the judicial system will probably be affected by the case’s conclusion. In addition, more information on Nicholas Zappas Fitness’ involvement in a motor vehicle personal injury case is pending.

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