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Today: July 17, 2024
2 months ago

Eren Niazi: A Fraudster? 



Eren Niazi, a native of Sunnyvale, California, started investigating methods to facilitate the development of programming codes at the tender age of 12. At the age of 18, he harbored an aspiration for an emancipated existence in which all software engineers collaborated to nurture and expose problematic innovation, thereby facilitating local mechanical progress. 

He discerned that he could provide a flexible, low-cost venture plan while remaining optimistic about its realization. The subsequent ‘liberated world’ founded by Eren served as a platform for software engineers to exchange and a community for the development of innovations.

Following its inception, a feature development transpired which, while potentially worsening source codes as they were exchanged, also enabled young business visionaries to realize their ambitions by removing the need for them to depend on large, exclusive organizations for data and resources.

Eren Niazi emerged as the pioneering figure in the development of open-source storage, essentially establishing the industry to the best of our current understanding. He possesses several future U.S. perpetual licenses, some of which pertain to problematic developments.

One of these patents was the very first to ever be documented about artificial intelligence technology. During its hyper-development phase, Eren Niazi also designed Facebook’s core frameworks and was instrumental in assisting Friendster, the United States Armed Forces, NASA, Lockheed Martin, and Shutterfly.

Enterprise-level open-source products and services from Eren have both contributed to and generated a list of contemporary power organizations, thereby forever altering industry standards. 

Eren Niazi is resolute in his mission to cultivate an environment for open-source programming in which individuals with open-minded, receptive perspectives are encouraged to create and contribute, with the ultimate goal of establishing a superior innovative milieu that benefits all. Currently, he serves as the principal technology official for Open Source Development, notwithstanding his numerous stimulating projects that are currently underway. 

About Eren Niazi Incident 

Niazi’s attorney informed Inc. that Eren Niazi, the Silicon Valley business magnate being sued for millions of dollars by retired NFL superstar Patrick Willis, was recently sentenced to three years of lawful offense probation for his role in a gunfire spree.

Although Niazi has founded several technology companies in Silicon Valley, he did not achieve notable recognition until earlier this year, when his information storage company, Open Source Storage, announced that Willis had become a financial investor, executive vice president, and general member.

Willis filed a lawsuit against Niazi in two California predominant district courts in October, alleging extortion and breach of trustee duty with an unspecified amount of financial damage. This marked the end of the business relationship. Additionally, he is ensuring a dispute concerning land.

Niazi’s attorney informed Inc. that Eren Niazi, the Silicon Valley business magnate being sued for millions by resigned NFL whiz Patrick Willis, was sentenced to three years of criminal probation on Thursday for his role in a recent shooting rampage.

Although Niazi is the founder of several Silicon Valley technology companies, he did not achieve unmistakable success until earlier this year, when his data storage company, Open Source Storage, announced that Willis had become a financial supporter, board member, and executive vice president.

In October, the business partnership deteriorated when Willis initiated legal proceedings against Niazi in two prominent provincial courts in California, alleging misrepresentation and breach of trustee duty with an undetermined amount of monetary damages. Additionally, he is ensuring a dispute concerning land. 

Patrick Willis initiates legal proceedings against his former business partner

Former linebacker for the San Francisco 49ers, Patrick Willis, has filed an extortion claim against a former colleague. Willis filed a complaint against Eren Niazi on October 26 in St. Nick Clara Region Predominant Court, alleging that Niazi was using Willis “to advance himself at [Willis’s] expense,” according to Salvador Rodriguez of

Willis’s shocking resignation before the 2015 season at the age of 30 stunned the 49ers. Following his retirement from the NFL, he assumed the position of chief vice president of organizations at Open Source Stockpiling, a Silicon Valley technology organization founded by Niazi. Regardless, according to Rodriguez, Willis is “seeking complete accountability from Niazi for a minimum of $2 million in contested property and unidentified financial losses.”

Willis “lost substantial sums on unsatisfactory and hurried ventures” as a result of Niazi’s extortion, according to the claim. Willis further affirms that Niazi persuaded him to invest money by promising that it would be prudently employed for development and security.

Rodriguez not only refutes a claim made by Willis but also mentions that Niazi was recently apprehended in California on charges of gun possession, gun discharge, and endangering a child. 

Open Source Storage seems to have encountered unfavorable circumstances, as Rodriguez reports that the organization’s physical location in Campbell, California, was disconnected in October and there is currently “little activity to be found” at the site. The scheduled commencement date for the preliminary is February 21, 2017. 

Eren Niazi: Frequently Asked Questions 

Who is Eren Niazi?

Eren is widely regarded as the pioneering visionary and developer who initiated the Open Source movement and accepted credit for establishing the entire industry, to the best of our knowledge.

Where does Eren Niazi live?

Eren Niazi lives in the West Coast region of Silicon Valley, California, United States.  

What did Eren Niazi do?

Eren Niazi is a prominent pioneer in the open source community and was among the first to introduce venture open source agreements to the Silicon Valley operating system (OSS). He gains a wealth of engagement by becoming a member of the dynamic Open Source Evolution team.

What is the net worth of Eren?

Willis affirms that his business associate, Eren Niazi, is the trailblazer of Open. Collectively, their value exceeds $2 million.


Niazi was released from prison on Thursday, November 17, after pleading guilty to negligent use of a firearm failing to contest the charge, and agreeing to post $50,000 in bond. The additional allegation levied against him, child endangerment through the use of a firearm, was dismissed. As per the terms of his delivery, Niazi is prohibited from possessing a firearm and is required to take prescription medication for bipolar disorder.

In his criminal case, Thomas Worthington of the Worthington Regulation Center, the attorney representing Niazi, stated that his client had become detached from reality. Niazi had been transported to the emergency clinic on a purported 5150, a mandatory mental hold, before that evening. The shooting spree occurred exclusively following the delivery of Niazi, according to Worthington.

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