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Today: July 17, 2024
2 months ago

Dr. Philip Mongelluzzo Jr. – A Criminal? (2024)


The State Medical Examining Board reprimanded Dr. Philip Mongelluzzo Jr. for his inappropriate use of sedatives and narcotics. I think it’s important to get to know him before we analyze his accusations.

An Overview – Dr. Philip Mongelluzzo

Waterbury, Connecticut is home to board-certified internist Dr. Philip A. Mongelluzzo. He is associated with multiple organizations in the neighborhood, such as St. Mary’s Hospital-Waterbury and Waterbury Hospital. He has almost twenty years of experience practicing medicine after earning his medical degree from Creighton University School of Medicine.

In a more negative context, one could contend that internists, sometimes referred to as general internal medicine physicians, solely address the medical needs of adults and lack specific training in treating children or teenagers. In the US, internists make up one in four medical professionals. 

Despite making up a large portion of the nation’s medical workforce, internists may find it challenging to provide specialized pediatric treatment because of their focus on adult care. 

Furthermore, certain internists might be certified in many different subspecialties, including medical oncology, infectious diseases, and cardiology. They may find it challenging to offer thorough care for complex illnesses that fall outside of their specific fields of expertise as a result.

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Dr. Philip Mongelluzzo Jr. – Came under fire for falsifying his COVID-19 vaccination record.

The State Medical Examining Board recently disciplined two doctors, including Waterbury-based physician Dr. Philip Mongelluzzo Jr. He was chastised, fined $10,000, and had his medical license suspended for two years. 

The imposition of disciplinary punishment was a direct result of Dr. Mongelluzzo’s incorrect prescription of high quantities of opioids to a patient in 2014 and 2018. He did not adequately treat the patient’s persistent pain, and he did not adequately document the therapeutic justification for the opiate administration. 

He did not provide the patient with the level of care that was expected. Furthermore, he administered sedatives to the patient without restriction and failed to provide a medical justification for their necessity. 

Despite not admitting any guilt, Dr. Philip Mongelluzzo Jr. chose not to fight back against the accusations. His education on proper prescription medicine administration is complete, and as a condition of his probation, he must hire a doctor to supervise his practice. He is no longer accepting of patients who are in constant discomfort.

The board also censured Dr. Daniel Chen, a Hartford resident physician, for engaging in “illegal, unlawful, and unethical conduct.” He presented an impersonation card he had fabricated for COVID-19 to the University of Connecticut School of Medicine as part of an underhanded scheme. 

Upon filing a consent order and agreeing to be punished, Dr. Chen did not admit any misconduct; yet, he chose not to defend the case and proceeded regardless. 

Board member Dr. Robert A. Green expressed concern that Dr. Chen’s career may be negatively impacted for some time by this reprimand, which he believed would be included in a nationwide database of administrative proceedings against doctors.

Dr. Chen’s attorney Gretchen Randall acknowledged that his decision-making error, which led to his termination from UConn, was a major one. After obtaining his license, he is currently employed in California as a telemedicine radiologist. 

The state Department of Public Health in Connecticut has the authority to investigate up to 18 months before the license’s expiration, even if it is not currently being utilized.

Patient Testimonials for Dr. Philip Mongelluzzo Jr.

To date, Dr. Philip Mongelluzzo Jr. has been rated by 57 different patients, with an average rating of 2.4 stars out of a possible 5. The ratings Dr. Philip Mongelluzzo Jr. has received are a reflection of the experiences patients have had with him when seeking medical care. It is important to remember that every person has a different experience and that the rating may fluctuate as more people leave feedback on the service.

The fact that Dr. Philip Mongelluzzo Jr.’s medical practice is now accepting new patients is one unusual aspect of it. This suggests that those seeking medical attention have the choice to join their patient registry to receive care. Since the institution is prepared to accept new patients, it appears that there is an awareness of and preparation to provide medical services to a more varied range of people.

Patients can also receive telehealth consultations from Dr. Mongelluzzo Jr.’s office. This suggests that patients have the option to use various forms of communication technology to receive medical advice and consultations remotely. This is especially beneficial for persons with mobility issues or those who would find it difficult to physically visit the doctor, as was the case during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Furthermore, it’s crucial to be aware that Dr. Philip Mongelluzzo Jr. participates in numerous insurance plans. Patients will benefit from this since it shows that the office is open to working with a variety of insurance providers. 

If this is the case, a larger range of patients may have access to more affordable and easily accessible medical therapies. Accepting a range of health insurance plans can be interpreted as a sign of a healthcare provider’s flexibility and commitment to give patients options for their healthcare coverage.

In summary, patients’ opinions of Dr. Philip Mongelluzzo Jr.’s practice have been mixed, with a 2.4 out of 5 rating from them. They appear to be open to growing their current patient base as evidenced by the fact that they are now accepting new patients.

Furthermore, the availability of telehealth visits demonstrates adaptability in the provision of healthcare, and the acceptance of several insurance plans demonstrates a commitment to accommodating patients’ differing needs about their insurance coverage.

Let’s discuss a few testimonies to help you see the truth in what I’m saying. These are the following:

1. Unfavorable Experience

The patient had a bad experience with Dr. Philip Mongelluzzo Jr. because, according to the prior review, he doesn’t give a damn about his patients’ questions, related issues, or other test results. However, he had trouble fitting his appointment into his schedule. The patients endured a lengthy wait because the appointment was handled hurriedly.

2. Abusive Staff Members

A critic expresses dissatisfaction at the rudeness of many office staff. After Trinity acquired the company, they allege they had trouble obtaining appointments for the following week or instant. The reviewer feels that physical examinations are delayed until necessary. Additionally, they say that Sarah McD, a medical assistant, is a bad person. The primary physician, Philip Mongelluzzo Jr., is difficult to schedule an appointment with. 

The reviewer believes that because of their age, their health issues go unnoticed, and a medical assistant proposed that the opinions of the personnel might have been influenced by the young people. The reviewer is not happy when invoices arrive weeks after the signage stating copays are accepted on-site. 

The office staff, scheduling availability, healthcare delays, PA rudeness, primary physician access, age-related dismissing of concerns, and billing practices are among the issues raised by the reviewer.


Dr. Philip Mongelluzzo Jr. is a Waterbury, Connecticut-based physician with over twenty years of board certification experience. 

I guess you can now understand the negative information on Dr. Philip Mongelluzzo Jr. However, he was disciplined for dispensing opioids and other drugs without a prescription, which led to a $10,000 fine, a two-year medical license suspension, and a reprimand. He also has a two-year probationary period imposed upon him. 

Furthermore, it was alleged that he had falsified a COVID-19 vaccination certificate. Patients have given him an average rating of 2.4 out of 5 because of complaints about excessive wait times, poor scheduling, and concerns about the quality of care. These challenges suggest that Dr. Philip Mongelluzzo Jr.’s professional background is convoluted and possibly even dire.

You may find out more about him by clicking on the links provided below:

Furthermore, I possess additional examples of different medical professionals who have received sanctions from the state Medical Examining Board. 

The board revoked Dr. Patrick F. Albergo’s medical license for neglecting to keep proper medical records and to follow the “time-out” protocols at his Connecticut Eye Center, as stated in an order of consent that he signed. The board also discovered that Dr. Albergo did not maintain an adequate amount of medical records.

In 2018, the Medical Examining Board of the state penalized orthopedic surgeon Dr. Christopher Betz and scolded him for operating on a patient’s wrong knee. The doctor was hit with a $5,000 fine.

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