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Today: July 17, 2024
5 months ago

Disciplinary Sanctions Against Dr. Lane Sebring (2024)


With over 20 years of clinical expertise, Dr. Lane Sebring is an integrated anti-aging specialist and primary care physician. He has been an expert in nutrition for the last 13 years, specializing in the Paleo Diet. Furthermore, for more than seven years, Dr. Sebring has been a Board Examiner for the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine.

Dr. Sebring opened the Sebring Clinic in the gorgeous Texas Hill Country in 1996. Patients refer to his office as “the hill country’s best-kept secret.” His primary area of practice is treating patients who have not responded well to traditional treatment, with an emphasis on their distinct genetic makeup and role in the human race.

To treat and reverse chronic conditions like heart disease, diabetes, hypothyroidism, chronic fatigue, anxiety, depression, autoimmune illnesses, and heavy metal toxicity, Dr. Sebring has created novel approaches.

Dr. Sebring’s specialty in Alternative and Anti-Aging Medicine is listed on the clinic’s new-patient intake form. This type of medicine is usually seen as optional and is not covered by health insurance coverage. Dr. Sebring also owns and runs the Paleo Pharmacy, which sells supplements for biomolecular health and nutraceuticals that target cellular imbalances that lead to disease situations.

Dr. Sebring receives high marks from patients in video testimonials for his commitment to learning about their health issues, encouraging healthy lives, and creating a welcoming and compassionate office atmosphere. Some of Dr. Sebring’s assertions, however, have drawn criticism, including the effectiveness of chelation therapy and other supplements in reversing and eliminating calcium deposits in artery walls.

It is significant to remember that the Texas Medical Board has taken disciplinary action against Dr. Sebring. Penalties for insufficient informed consent and record-keeping, deceptive advertising of board certification, making therapeutic claims that are not substantiated, and concerns about the quality of care in treating depression and other illnesses in patients are among them.

Dr. Lane Sebring: A Brief Overview

Dr. Lane Sebring has extensive clinical experience. He founded Sebring Clinic in Wimberley, Texas, and is an expert doctor and nutritionist. Beginning his study in a tiny Texas hamlet, Dr. Sebring studied at Texas A&M University. His medical degree came from the University of Texas Medical Branch in Galveston in 1992.

He then completed a family medicine residency at John Peter Smith Hospital in Fort Worth, Texas. Family, integrative, and nutritional medicine were Dr. Sebring’s specialties for 25 years. Dr. Sebring is a sought-after keynote speaker on global health and wellness themes in addition to his clinical practice. 

Reviews left by customers regarding Dr. Lane Sebring:  

The ratings for Dr. Lane Sebring on Google are four stars out of a possible five stars. Wimberley, Texas, United States of America is the location of his clinic, which can be found at 16811 Ranch Road 12. Only thirteen reviews were given to him there. 

Positive feedback:

#1. Richard Scott has been seeing Dr. Lane Sebring since 2006, and for a variety of reasons, he has a great deal of trust in him. He appreciates Dr. Sebring’s patient-centered approach, his nutritional advice, and the time he spends with each patient. Richard’s financial worries during retirement have also been addressed by Dr. Sebring, who has assisted him in lowering the cost of his prescription drugs.

Above all, Richard’s urologist had proposed a painful biopsy, which Dr. Sebring’s intervention helped to avoid. Instead, in response to an elevated PSA test result, Dr. Sebring prescribed an antibiotic. Following the antibiotic therapy, Richard’s PSA levels dropped and haven’t changed in the last three years. 

#2. Dr. Lane Sebring has been treating Raul as a patient at the Sebring Clinic for several years, and he has always had a good experience. For a long time, Raul battled severe exhaustion and found Dr. Lane Sebring’s knowledge to be quite helpful. Raul found resonance in Dr. Sebring’s approach of creating a personalized diet and supplement regimen to properly address his chronic exhaustion. To anyone looking for natural cures derived from nature instead of pharmaceutical medications, Raul heartily suggests Dr. Sebring. 

#3. Dr. Lane Sebring is praised by Jay Ohbee as a superb and exceptionally skilled physician. Jay went to Dr. Lane for help during a slow week at work. Dr. Lane quickly came up with a detailed diet and exercise schedule that Jay followed right away. The next morning, Jay noticed a noticeable increase in energy. The outcomes were remarkable. Jay is now in regular contact with Dr. Lane and has become a devoted blog reader as a result of the favorable result, where he learns more about paleo and fitness. We are grateful to Dr. Lane Sebring for his insightful advice. 

Negative feedback:

1. Martha Bettes claims that she has not seen Dr. Sebring and does not plan to do so because of the false information he has been spreading about COVID-19 treatment. She sees him as just another person who takes advantage of weak people and questions his credibility. 

#2. Bradley Curry notes that Dr. Lane Sebring is currently dealing with further charges in addition to four distinct disciplinary actions from the Texas Medical Board. 

#3. Bailey revised their rating from five stars to one star because of several issues. Even though the office did not accept insurance, they were charged much extra if the follow-up session lasted longer than thirty minutes. Bailey thought Dr. Sebring was intelligent, but he also had long appointments and the office manager gave her unsatisfactory answers when she questioned the prices. Bailey believed that after 30 minutes of an appointment, patients ought to be informed, and that when the office manager inquired about prescriptions, confidentiality was not upheld. Bailey was left with the impression that they were overcharged and began to doubt the caliber of the services after this encounter. 

Information regarding the Sebring Clinic: 

The Sebring Clinic claims to be a respectable medical group practice that specializes in family medicine and physician assistant services. It is situated in Wimberley, Texas. The clinic was started by Dr. Lane Sebring, MD, and offers a variety of medical services, such as access to a “natural pharmacy” with nutritional and herbal cures, on-site x-ray capabilities, and a fully functional laboratory.

The Sebring Clinic is a medical specialty that focuses on treating a wide range of ailments. It is especially known for treating heart disease, hypothyroidism, hypertension, nutritional deficiencies, and chronic fatigue. Using the body’s natural chemistry to help restore a normal, healthy metabolism is the cornerstone of their patient care strategy.


Finally, it appears that Dr. Lane Sebring is a skilled medical professional with a focus on nutrition who has devoted his professional life to offering complementary and anti-aging therapy. Patients have praised his clinic for its holistic approach and individualized care, even though it is hidden away in the Texas Hill Country.

It is noteworthy, nevertheless, that Dr. Sebring has been the target of Texas Medical Board disciplinary measures in addition to considerable doubt about his assertions. Although there are patient endorsements that are glowing, there are also unfavorable evaluations that bring up questions about costs and contentious remarks. In the end, anybody thinking about using Dr. Lane Sebring’s services at the Sebring Clinic should do an extensive study and take all factors into account.  

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