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Today: July 17, 2024
2 months ago

Darren Ewart Vancouver: A Criminal?


Darren Ewert, Co-founder of The Dream Team or CVO, is an innovative, influential figure, and thought leader. Darren’s guidance and vitality have been instrumental in the development of a prosperous real estate empire as well as a company.

In the Leader Roundtable Interview Series, Darren Ewert accompanies preeminent international speakers and businessmen, the most popular creators, co-founders and CVOs, and creators. The article group of DotCom Magazine is delighted to have Darren participate in the Chief Roundtable Interview.

Extremely high is the accomplishment rate of Darren Ewert. He possesses the most online enterprise. During his 5.5 years in this industry, Darren has had an extremely low rate of client attrition. Widespread success tales of various individuals participate in the weekly webinars.  

Unveiling the Suspicious History of Darren Ewart Vancouver 

Two Canadian men named Mike Dreher and Darren Ewert are believed to be the masterminds behind the massive Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) pyramid scheme in Bhutan that sold expensive magic water ionizers, according to information discovered by the Bhutanese.

The Dream Team, an extensive online network operated by both entities, serves as the determining factor in the selection process for numerous Bhutanese individuals residing in Australia and Bhutan to assume the role of ‘Digital Business Owners.’

Enagic, on the other hand, is a Japanese MLM company that employs individuals like Darren and Mike to convince customers to buy their machines.

With approximately one hundred thousand members, Darren and Mike’s network is primarily concentrated in Asian countries, with the Philippines constituting the largest region.

Bhutanese are required to pay USD 149 to join this network; USD 20 is required to create a website; and Nu 550,000 is required for membership.

In addition to receiving the USD 149, Darren and Mike also receive increased commissions on the transactions generated by their Dream Team members in Bhutan.

With an estimated global membership of 100,000, the two could easily generate USD 14.9 million from the USD 149 fees alone.

And even if that were the case, fifty thousand members would have paid to become distributors of the devices. In this situation, the two would have undoubtedly earned between $200 million and USD 300 million. A substantial amount of the commission would be obtained by both parties. In the future, when both distributors recruit new members through sales, Darren and Mike will once more retain a portion of their commission.

To participate, Bhutanese are required to pay USD 149 plus USD 20 for website setup and an additional Nu 550,000. Even more so when they acquire distributorships of Enagic water ionizers at exorbitant prices.

Darren and Mike made the initial investment of USD 149 and are entitled to the highest commissions on sales generated through their Dream Team members.

There are 100,000 members worldwide; therefore, the two could easily earn USD 14.9 million (mn) in 149 USD in fees.

With a substantial commission portion, the two individuals would have earned between USD 200 million and USD 300 million in revenue, even though fifty percent of the members, or fifty thousand, acquired the machines to become distributors. Furthermore, moving forward, Mike and Darren will be entitled to a share of the distributors’ commissions once more when they refer new members through sales. 

Where is Darren Ewart Vancouver Now? 

During a 2015 road journey, Mike and Darren engaged in introspection and determined that it was the perfect time to make a change in their lifestyles. Darren, who at the time was experiencing tremendous success in the realm of online business, has amassed an immense fortune over the past few years. Mike served as a business mentor, leveraging his extensive 15-year business background and eagerness to assist individuals in their pursuit of success. So, what prompted the necessity for a transition?

Life is short; therefore, you will quickly figure this out if you have not already. Concurrently, you will likely realize that you have also wasted a considerable amount of time simply being preoccupied with life. Your oversight encompasses a multitude of significant aspects. This is precisely what applied an overwhelming burden to them.

Mike and Darren realized that they were producing numerous individuals with immense wealth while laboring for extended periods. One of them in particular possessed the knowledge and ability to organize a group that successfully generated income online. Therefore, Darren and Mike determined that day that it was the perfect opportunity for them and others.

A new circumstance has emerged at this juncture. Initially in the morning, a tumbler of espresso is appreciated instead of erupting. Since Darren and Mike incorporate their work hours into their personal lives, we no longer miss those crucial moments. We are achieving this by working on a fraction of the effort that we previously did while earning more money. However, what is the most remarkable feature?

Daily, Darren, and Mike are revitalized by the knowledge that they can aid others in attaining a comparable opportunity—extra time—and financial resources to enjoy during that time. Life is more enjoyable when it is shared, and they are always able to support their community in refocusing on the important aspects of daily life by creating memories with family and friends.


In summary, let us examine the entire article to gain further insights into Darren Ewart Vancouver.  

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