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Today: July 17, 2024
3 weeks ago

Crime News: Fred Zarbailov Case Update

Fred Zarbailov

Fred Zarbailov has provided a varied career path, beginning with his academic achievements and moving through a number of professional endeavors during the course of his career. He claims to have a diverse set of skills and experiences, spanning from financial analysis to business and real estate investments, and he believes that he now possesses all of these things. On the other hand, his path has also included a recent legal challenge that involves a criminal charge.

Profession and academic history of Fred Zarbailov

It is stated by Fred Zarbailov that he started his professional career after graduating from DePaul University with a degree in finance and marketing. With the help of his school experience, he started a career as a Financial Analyst/Advisor at The Goldman Sachs Group, Inc., a prominent worldwide investment banking organization. He worked there for several years. Zarbailov claims that his time spent working at Goldman Sachs provided him with the education and experience necessary to provide clients with a comprehensive variety of financial services. Although he was successful in the financial industry, he realized that this was not his true calling.

Advancement to the Position of Entrepreneur

To expand his horizons, Fred Zarbailov made the shift from the world of finance to the world of entrepreneurship by launching a transportation automobile service. He asserts that he has established a solid reputation for this business and made large profits in his capacity as president and owner of the company. 

Although the specifics of his connection with the international organization Uber are not entirely clear, his contributions to the transportation industry have served to further highlight his commercial expertise in the transportation sector. 

Following his departure from the transportation industry, Zarbailov followed a career in real estate investment, eventually becoming a successful real estate investor and agent throughout his career. Furthermore, he highlights the fact that he is actively trading stocks and cryptocurrencies, so demonstrating the breadth of his investing portfolio.

Fred Zarbailov’s Involvement in Real Estate and Financial Matters

Fred Zarbailov claims that he is responsible for managing major real estate investments in his current position as an investor in real estate. He takes great satisfaction in his ability to successfully counsel customers, gaining an understanding of their requirements and their level of comfort with risk in order to offer the most suitable combination of investments. 

He stresses this combination of learning and communication abilities as a significant component of his professional success, and he emphasizes the importance of this combination.

Involvement in the Community and Professional Goals

Despite the fact that he has achieved a great deal in his professional life, Fred Zarbailov asserts that the thing that brings him the most joy is being able to assist other people and make a positive impact on their lives. 

Big Brothers Big Sisters is a well-known program that provides mentoring to children, and he displays a strong desire to become a part of it. In addition to this, he has an interest in the Housing Action Illinois Organization, which is an organization that offers housing counseling services and technical help to charity housing providers.

Concerning Legal Matters and Accusations

In spite of this, Fred Zarbailov’s story takes a big turn when he takes into account his current legal issues. On August 5, Zarbailov, 35 years old, who lives in the 1000 block of Georgetown Way, was charged with retail theft, according to the police records that were filed by the Vernon Hills police department. 

The exact claim pertains to the acquisition of ink with a value of $139.98, and he is set to appear in court in Waukegan on September 7 for this matter. In addition to his reputation as an entrepreneur and philanthropist, this charge creates an additional layer of complexity.

More Information Regarding the Allegation

When someone unlawfully takes or attempts to take products from a retail establishment without paying for them, they are charged with retail theft, which is a serious violation under the criminal justice system. 

In this particular instance, Zarbailov is being charged with making fraudulent purchases of ink. The legal repercussions of this charge, which could have a considerable influence on both his personal and professional reputation, will be determined by the court appearance.

Allegations of Driving Under the Influence in the Neighborhood


A number of DUI (driving under the influence) occurrences have been reported in the region, and the police reports from Mundelein, Vernon Hills, and Libertyville emphasize these incidents. These incidents illustrate the legal ramifications that are associated with driving while impaired.

Operating a vehicle while under the influence of alcohol or drugs to the extent that the driver is unable to operate the vehicle safely is the definition of driving under the influence (DUI). Although the legal limits for Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) can vary, when it comes to driving while drunk, a BAC of 0.08% or above is widely considered to be the threshold.

The Bottom Line 

The life of Fred Zarbailov is a combination of things that he has accomplished professionally and recent legal troubles. The progression of his profession from finance to real estate, in conjunction with his goals for bettering the neighborhood, portrays a picture of a guy who is always moving forward. 

On the other hand, the latest charge of retail theft is an important chapter that has the potential to impact his future ambitions. During the course of his investigation into these charges, the results will most likely have an impact on both his personal and professional life.

The legal charges, which serve as a reminder of the intricacies and volatility that are inherent in both personal and professional routes, stand in sharp contrast to his career narrative, which stands in stark contrast to the allegations. On the other hand, it is not yet clear if Fred Zarbailov’s future will be marked by long-term success or whether it will be obscured because of legal issues.

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