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Today: July 17, 2024
5 months ago

Crime Allegations on Ghassan Al-Sabbagh MD Raleigh NC? (2024)


According to the report based on news website,

A car stop on Capital Boulevard on Thursday aided Raleigh police in making an arrest in the March 20 hit-and-run incident that murdered a 64-year-old woman.

A Lexus vehicle that went to the security roadblock in the 2900 blocks of Capital Boulevard at seven in the morning piqued the law enforcement officer’s interest, according to authorities. Ghassan Al-Sabbagh, 55, was charged with a misdemeanor for hit-and-run after police acquired an arrest order. He was arrested in Louisburg on Thursday lunchtime.

Cornelia Olero Amissah, who was walking down Boulevard towards the point of intersection with Trawick Road, died in the crash. According to police, two automobiles collided with Amissah, yet only the first vehicle stopped. In an attempt to discover the other driver, cops circulated surveillance video from an adjacent supermarket.

Amissah, also known as Cornelia Olero Ogogo by her family, is a Kenyan woman with three kids of her own. Her family is organizing a charity event to acquire funds to return her remains to Kenya for the funeral on the 12th of April.

Saturday’s event begins at six in the evening at 8705 Park Place in Raleigh. Internet contributions are also accepted.

Arrest made in tragic Capital Boulevard hit-and-run

Ghassan Alsabbagh, 55, was taken into custody when officers spotted him at an immigration checkpoint on Thursday.

According to researchers, he was driving one of two vehicles that crashed into and killed Cornelia Amissah, 64, on Capital Boulevard.

The police had a leaflet with only the details of the vehicle they were searching for. They arrived at the location of the incident, in the 2900 block of Capital Boulevard, an hour as the hit-and-run case occurred & to execute a statement.

Alsabbagh is accused of felony hit-and-run. He has been charged with having been one of both of the drivers who struck Amissah.

Police told the ABC11 news channel that they hunted down the medical professional using only security footage to rely on.

“As the security checkpoint was being carried out, two of the accident investigation detectives stood outside observing the cars go across, so they noticed a metallic-colored Lexus car go over the inspection point which grabbed their interest,”  Jim Sughrue, Raleigh Police Agency’s Officer said.

The Gastrointestinal & Hepato Consultants, where Alsabbagh works, issued the following assertion: “We have no remark regarding the present accusations.” Dr. Ghassan Alsabbagh, on the other hand, is an exceptional physician & a wonderful guy, so we support him wholeheartedly.”

In the meantime, Amissah’s relatives are raising funds for the burial of their mother’s body in Kenya.

They have provided internet fundraising tools such as

North Carolina’s Hit-and-Run Laws and Penalties

What exactly are the Repercussions in North Carolina for a Hit-and-Run?

According to the laws of North Carolina, the penalty for abandoning the location of a car collision is determined by whether the crime is prosecuted as a felony or a criminal offense. A hit-and-run offense may be prosecuted as a felony or a criminal offense based on the following factors,

  • The nature of the collision
  • Anyone was injured or died
  • The past convictions.

Offense Hit-and-Run

In North Carolina, most hit-and-runs are categorized as a Class 1 offense. When any of the following conditions apply, you may face misdemeanor hit-and-run charges:

  • It may cause minor bodily harm or asset destruction to those who were concerned.
  •  Fled the location of a minor property harm incident.
  • A criminal hit-and-run is punished by penalties as well as up to twelve months in prison.

Felony Hit-and-Run 

As per the laws and regulations of North Carolina, if someone causes a collision and leaves the location, then could face felony charges.

  • Damage (Class H felony; up to twenty-five months in prison, fines, and license cancellation)
  • Serious bodily harm or death (Class F felony; up to forty-one months in prison, penalties, plus permit revocation)

About the incident

According to reports of abc13 eyewitness news, they mentioned in their report about the whole incident. 

It happened shortly before 7 a.m. Thursday, according to officers. Cornelia Olero Amissah, age 64 years, was pronounced deceased on the scene.

According to detectives, the woman was hit by several automobiles, just a single of which stayed at the site. One of the automobiles that fled the scene before authorities arrived was identified as a tiny, light in colour sedan car.

Anybody who saw the collision but had yet to speak to an investigator has been urged to contact the Raleigh Police Department’s information line at (919) 834-HELP. All northbound Capital Boulevard lanes at Trawick Road were shut down while officers examined the crash, but they were opened at approximately 9:30 a.m. 

Managing a Hit-and-Run Incident

A hit-and-run accident occurs when a driver gets into an accident with another vehicle, piece of property, or pedestrian and takes off running without offering assistance or exchanging insurance information. Here are a few instances of hit-and-run incidents:

  • After hitting you, a car accelerates away without stopping.
  • When someone hits your unattended parked automobile, they don’t leave any contact information so that you can get compensated.
  • It makes sense that following a hit-and-run incident, you would feel bewildered and furious. To make sure that the claim procedure goes more smoothly than usual, there are a few things you may do. 

Managing a Hit-and-Run Incident

What Kind of Accident Qualifies as a Hit-and-Run?

In a hit-and-run accident, the driver—typically the one at fault—intentionally flees the scene and leaves no contact information behind. Here are a few instances of hit-and-run incidents:

  • After hitting you, a car accelerates away without stopping.
  • When someone hits your unattended parked automobile, they don’t leave any contact information so that you can get compensated.

After a Hit-and-Run Accident, Do Not Do These Things:

There are a few things you should never do in the event of a hit-and-run accident:

  • Never go from the scene of the collision to confront the negligent motorist.
  • Never wait in your car in a travel lane. If at all feasible, try to get the car transported to a secure location.
  • Don’t abandon the accident scene until you have enough information.
  • While waiting for the police, do not stop the traffic.
  • collision and flee incident

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