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Today: July 23, 2024
2 months ago

BeiBei Zhang: A Criminal? (2024)


BeiBei Zhang claims to possess vast knowledge in real estate, property management, and property investing. She runs two real estate management companies and oversees more than 200 properties in Broward County, Florida.

According to the police report, BeiBei Zhang, a 44-year-old Heron Bay resident in Coral Springs, Florida, was taken into custody on allegations of prostitution, fraud, and money laundering. Investigators found that BeiBei Zhang was making over $19,000 a month working as a prostitute out of a property in Tamarac. She was seeing five to seven clients a day, Monday through Friday, and had advertised her services on several websites, including

According to reports, BeiBei Zhang obtained over $100,000 in illicit funds through TD Bank and Trust Bank, among other financial institutions. On August 29, Zhang was taken into custody at Truist Bank in Coral Springs. For both charges, she was released from Broward County Jail on a $20,000 bond.

A prostitute who made an estimated $19K a month reportedly ran a one-woman brothel out of her Tamarac flat.

According to court documents, Beibei Zhang, a 44-year-old Coral Springs resident who lives at 12427 NW 63rd St., was taken into custody this week on allegations of prostitution and money laundering. Zhang operated a one-woman brothel out of her Tamarac apartment at 8341 Sands Point Blvd., unit 201B, from late morning to early evening, Monday through Friday, for five to seven clients a day, according to the Broward Sheriff’s Office Money Laundering Task Force. Zhang had been doing this since at least February. She charged $160 per hour plus tips for sexual acts and advertised her services on several websites.

Zhang participated in an undercover operation where she performed a sex act for $160, allowing investigators to verify her prostitution. The task force found that over the course of a year, Beibei Zhang made cash-only teller-window deposits of between $1,200 and $2,000 into numerous bank accounts, avoiding the need to record the transactions to the banks. This amounted to over $100,000 in illicit gains from her sex profession.

According to the arrest affidavit, Beibei Zhang earned at least $4,800 per week, or more than $19,000 per month, depending on six customers per day, one hour each, at a wage of $160 per hour. On August 31, Beibei Zhang was detained at the Truist bank branch located at 6210 Coral Ridge Dr. in Coral Springs. She was accused of money laundering and subsisting on the proceeds of prostitution.

Prostitution- Alleged profession of BeiBei Zhang

Another contentious sexual practice is prostitution, which is the selling of sexual services. Because prostitution includes having sex for money, many people—especially those who hold orthodox religious views—believe it to be unethical and see it as an indication of society’s moral decline. Prostitution, in the eyes of many feminists, degrades women and creates an environment in which women are raped, beaten, and/or robbed. Though they may not agree on anything else, these two categories of people have strong negative opinions about prostitution. Regardless of their other opinions, a lot of individuals are concerned about the spread of STDs in prostitution. Each of these groups believes that prostitution ought to stay banned and typically favors more stringent implementation of anti-prostitution legislation.

Although some individuals dislike prostitution as well, they think that the laws that prohibit it cause more harm than benefit. They feel that legalizing prostitution will lessen the different damages that it causes and that our society should be able to cope with prostitution more responsibly than it currently does, notwithstanding their opinions that it is unethical.

  • Before discussing the many forms of prostitution, the causes of prostitution, and policy concerns on the appropriate response to this specific sexual behavior, this section provides a brief overview of prostitution’s history. Our discussion will mostly center on female prostitution since it is the most common type, with male clients.
  • Prostitution has been a global practice since ancient times and is still prevalent today. Before 1920, there were legal brothels in the United States, and they are still in existence today in rural Nevada counties.
  • Many people are against prostitution because they believe it to be immoral or that it victimizes and degrades women. Some academics argue that prostitution shouldn’t be prohibited in a society that respects an individual’s right to privacy because it typically entails consenting behavior.
  • Additionally, some academics contend that anti-prostitution laws are counterproductive and specifically contribute to the myriad issues faced by homeless people.

Bottom Line

In conclusion, the world should either legalize prostitution, which is the best course of action, or enact regulations that discourage it in order to curb the issue. Legislation shouldn’t be designed to only get rid of prostitutes; it should also work to alter the mindset of those who are interested in paid sex by punishing offenders in a way that makes others with similar mindsets afraid to engage in similar activities.

In her Tamarac apartment, Beibei Zhang operated a one-woman brothel, serving several clients daily and earning a minimum of $19,000 each month. She was detained and accused of living off the proceeds of prostitution as well as money laundering.

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