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Today: July 23, 2024
2 months ago

Avi Cohen Great Neck: A Fraudster? (2024)


Eight defendants acknowledged a long-term scheme to cheat government agencies in New York, among them Avi Cohen Great Neck. Each of them overcharged the NYC Human Resources Administration and the New York State Office of Victim Services by using different corporations to submit fictitious and inflated bids for relocation services. Let’s find out more about his past before delving into his scams.

Avi Cohen Great Neck: An Overview

Established by Avi Cohen Great Neck in 1985, Avi Cohen Moving has prospered. In 1985, Avi Cohen Moving was founded. Despite having 20 cars, word-of-mouth advertising has been the company’s main growth strategy. This can suggest that the company has misgivings about conventional advertising.

It’s possible to interpret Avi’s hands-on management style and familial team culture as micromanagement and bias, which would result in an unprofessional work atmosphere. Giving priority to local and long-distance relocation could restrict service options and leave out some customer needs.

Avi Cohen Moving has expanded, but the fact that it still only accepts referrals from current clients could be seen as a sign of the company’s disinterest in using modern marketing techniques or as a sign of its lack of confidence in its ability to attract new clients through conventional means.

Although emphasizing client satisfaction and providing excellent service is a wonderful idea in theory, it could also be seen as a means of making up for any shortcomings or issues that may occur during the moving process.

From a critical perspective, Avi Cohen’s decision to forgo traditional advertising may be seen as a lack of flexibility or as a squandered chance to reach a larger audience. Reliance on a workforce with a lot of experience and longevity could raise concerns about a lack of diversity or resistance to bringing in fresh viewpoints.

You can click on the following links to find out more about him:

About Avi Cohen’s Company Great Neck: Avi Cohen Transferring

Well-known moving and storage firm Avi Moving & Storage in New York City. Avi Cohen, a Great Neck, New York native with over 30 years of experience in the moving and storage business, created the business. All of Queens, Manhattan, Long Island, and the New York Tri-State area are allegedly served by the company’s excellent moving services.

The company, owned by Avi Cohen, is unacceptable because it operates as an unchecked authority and could restrict options for relocation in some areas. Declining to be the “ultimate solution” implies a lack of healthy competition, which could restrict clients’ choices and flexibility.

Therefore, it remains to be seen if the assertions made by the owner and the corporation are true. Let’s investigate it first.

What part did Avi Cohen Great Neck play in a bid-rigging operation involving $15 million?

Avraham Cohen, a sixty-year-old Jewish man from Great Neck, and four other people have been charged in relation to a bid-rigging scheme that lasted more than twenty years and netted the conspirators over fifteen million dollars in government services.

Cohen is accused in the indictment of submitting thousands of fraudulent bids for moving and storage services, which was received by the New York State Office of Victim Services and the New York City Human Resources Administration. Attorney General of the state Letitia James led the indictment.

Government agencies required bids from clients to be competitive in order to ensure the lowest possible prices for services. The indictment claims that Cohen and the others took advantage of this technique by forging bids that were later used to increase prices and illegally divide the market.

For each of the more than 25,000 moving jobs they finished for the agencies between 2001 and the present, they allegedly charged up to three times the real market value. Further examination revealed that Cohen was Avi Moving & Trucking Inc.’s owner.

The following people have also been indicted: New Jersey native Derek T. Barney; Queens native Frank Lopez Jr.; Florida natives Cynthia Yeje Ramsaroop and Gennovee Yeje; and Gennovee Yeje himself.

In the indictment, four companies were named: Prime Moving & Storage Inc.; Avi Moving & Trucking Inc.; Baya Inc.; and Fastrac Processing LLC. The majority of these businesses were based in Queens, with the exception of Prime Moving & Trucking LLC, which was based in California.

As per the accusations, the defendants established a phony association for commerce called the “United Movers Association.” They then apparently sent a letter claiming that the purpose of the New York City Human Resources Association was to deal with fraudulent activity to the organization. Paradoxically, this allowed them to provide fake bids to the government organizations they were purportedly trying to support.

Furthermore, the gang was in charge of running a fictional company called “Office of Eviction Services.” This organization misrepresented itself as a government agency that helps those in need of emergency relocation assistance. Yeje and Ramsaroop were allegedly in charge of running the office from a distance from Florida after it was allegedly sold to them in 2016.

James’ office and the state Department of probe concluded their probe, leading to the indictment that was made public on Wednesday.

Cohen faces 17 counts in the indictment that was filed against him. Among the charges include conspiracy in the fourth degree, grand larceny in the second degree, an initial degree scheme to defraud, and deal, agreement, arrangement, or conjunction in restraint of trade.

The physical effects of corruption on municipal administration were highlighted by Department of Investigation Commissioner Margaret Garnett. Of particular concern was the financial toll that corruption exacts on vulnerable people, including survivors of domestic abuse and those receiving public assistance. Attorney General James reacted angrily, saying that the offenders had taken advantage of programs intended to help victims of crime.


Avraham Cohen and his associates had been engaged on a bid-rigging scheme for over twenty years, but it was only made public as a result of guilty pleas and imprisonment.

By submitting thousands of fictitious bids and inflating rates, the individuals exploited government organizations that provided moving and storage services to those who were receivers of public benefits and crime victims.

More proof of their deliberate attempt to take advantage of the system to get financial advantage came from the fact that they created phony trade groups and dishonest entities.

Attorney General Letitia James announced the accusation, which emphasizes the detrimental effects that corruption has on initiatives meant to support vulnerable communities. Pleas of guilt and reparations to be paid have been ordered, so there will be some level of accountability.

According to the ruling, the defendants disregarded the basic intent of government programs and put their own financial interests ahead of those who urgently needed assistance.

This episode serves as a stark reminder of the potential consequences of fraudulent conduct directed towards important services meant to protect and assist the most vulnerable members of society.

That’s all I have to say regarding the accusations and scams made against Avi Cohen Great Neck. I sincerely hope you like going through everything. It is a warning story for all of us, asking us to make wise decisions about which companies to use for our services. For further details about his actions, you can click on the links that are provided below:

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