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Today: July 17, 2024
2 months ago

Antigona Ramosaj: A Criminal? 


About Antigona Ramosaj

By stating, “Bora should not pursue other men,” Beatrix’s mother prompted the inquiry.

The Bora-Donald-Beatrix triangle does not seem to be achieving an enduring sense of harmony. It appears that the mother of the last option launched an open assault on the moderator not too long ago. In addition to other items, Antigona Ramosaj has shared on Instagram the comment of a follower, which Bora also referenced.”Bora Zemani ought to make her child and father together and not pursue different men”, the comment continues. While Beatrix’s mother did not compose this, the fact that she did so without erasing it has sparked suspicion.

“Sincere gratitude is expressed,” Antigone wrote. Trump and Beatrix are among the most-discussed “Big Brother VIP” duos. Donald and Trixa, two of the most cherished individuals in Albanian society, have openly declared their support for each other through their actions and words, even though their report has received both critical and favorable feedback.

Recent events within the “Big Brother VIP” house during the show witnessed an unprecedented occurrence: Donald’s twin sibling, arguably the most discussed inmate, temporarily exchanged places with him. This exchange occurred during the “Big Brother” season. Additionally, Romeo was granted the chance to meet Trixa, with whom he shared a highly enjoyable moment. In response, Antigona Ramosaj, the mother of Trixa, also shared this moment from a fan who stated, “I adore this moment.” Trixa appears to completely concur with this sentiment.

If there is one entertainment situation that is widely discussed, it is the Bora-Donald-Beatrix drama circle. Not a single individual, regardless of size, is unaware of this event and does not hold a stance, including prominent figures in the entertainment industry.

It is noteworthy that various individuals have responded about this event, including Stresi, Olta Boka, Elita Rudi, Rudina Dembacaj, the brother of Donald, the mother of Romeo and Beatrix, Rezarta Shkurta, Antigona Ramosaj, and others. 

Further details regarding Antigona Ramosaj 

An invitation was extended to “My Half” in “Albanian Sunday” by Antigona Ramosaj, accompanied by her two children, the vocalists Beatrix and Alban Ramosaj. Following her admission of their amicable relationship, Antigona proceeded to describe her deceased spouse, including their meeting and the challenges she faced as the solitary parent of Beatrix and Alban. She also disclosed the most challenging moments and stated that she has performed numerous penances to raise the children in a more moral and virtuous manner.

Antigona acknowledged that she first encountered the father of her children in Germany, where she worked with her family quite early in life: “I knew her during my time in Germany.” I was a young lady who frequented my uncle’s small café. On multiple occasions, I observed him there for dinner, and my uncle remarked, “We made a connection with that outstanding child.” While I did not know of her, I explained to her how you became captivated by me. Nevertheless, I was remarkably fortuitous in that he exhibited overall excellence.”

Even though Trixa and Alban’s father had been absent for quite some time, Antigona did not consider the two of them together after his death:

“I failed to consider it; instead, I devoted it to the children; it was the one thing I desperately needed in daily life; and while I occasionally lament the possibility that I failed to do what was essential for them, I attempted not to miss anything.” The circumstance that a woman is left alone without assistance is problematic, especially in the current era. I have endeavored, albeit with considerable effort and remorse, to ensure that these two competitions do not overlook anything. I am extremely content with their maturation, education, and chosen trajectory; I will continue to provide unwavering support for them for the duration of my life.

In addition, Antigona acknowledged that her sister Albrie Hadlrgjonaj provided exceptional support during a difficult time: “There was a time when I was gravely ill, and Albrie dealt with her and showed extraordinary concern for her for approximately twelve months or more. “Without Alberia and my mother, I would not have had the opportunity to reach the place where I am today.” “I had sturdy arms; I am well aware of the assistance they provided.” 

Antonella defends Beatrix, to which the singer’s mother replies

A few of Antonela Berisha’s “Big Brother VIP” former competitors’ “Instagram” postings are dedicated to Beatrix Ramosaj, the housemates’ occupant.

Initially, Antonella shared a photo of the singer accompanied by the caption:

“#endorse Trixa. “I miss you, we support Trixa” (We support Trixa).

It appears that Antonela has received considerable disapproval from her supporters since this post. As a result, she elected to retaliate against them by uttering a statement regarding her assistance to Beatrix and by targeting various occupants. Subsequently, she drew a parallel between Beatrix and Donald’s predicament and her turmoil in “For “kiss,” asserting that he fully understands her.

Then Antigone, Beatrix’s mother, appeared. Regarding the incident, she tagged Antonella in a gif captioned “I love you” and left a story in our Instagram post. Antonella has concluded her remark, which she characterizes as “pseudoviruses that seek to gain adherents.”

The author stated “It’s too bad that I’m not disgusting like some pseudovirus who take advantage of the situation to have the same opinion as the public and gain some followers” 


An exploration of the content may provide insights into Antigona Ramosaj. In addition, this article will provide you with information regarding her private life.  

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