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Today: July 23, 2024
2 months ago

Alexander Herbst and the WireCard Scam Connection (2024)


Twitter users are closely following the Munich Wirecard trial involving Markus Braun, Oliver Bellenhaus, and Stephan von Erffa. The trial is being attended by the private investigator @csfa, who also regularly posts background information about it. Most recently, he disclosed that he sent an email to the prosecutors highlighting the roles of Payabl (formerly PowerCash21) and former Wirecard director Ruediger Trautmann. In addition, he presented a few intriguing new businesses associated with Trautmann and Payabl.

In addition, @cfsa discovered that as of 2016, Payabl—which was still going by the name PowerCash21—was a partner of Miura Systems Limited. The CEO of the PowerPay21 group, which included PowerCash21, was Dietmar Knoechelmann, a co-founder of Payabl and a former top management of Wirecard.

Beyond the three presently charged, the private Wirecard investigator feels that more former managers ought to be involved in the Munich trial. He mentions, for instance, OVAL (2123) LIMITED, a business in which Stephan von Erffa, one of the defendants, served as a director. But Ruediger Trautmann and Alexander Herbst, the former CFO of Wirecard, were also involved as directors in this Wirecard shadow organisation firm.

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