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Today: July 23, 2024
2 months ago

Adam Vincent Gilmer: A Fraudster? (2024)

Adam Vincent Gilmer

Originally from Johannesburg, South Africa, Adam Vincent Gilmer relocated to the United States in 1989. He asserts that he is an entrepreneur and that he was born there.

According to Adam Vincent Gilmer, his companies produce and market certified organic consumer goods through major online retailers, retail and convenience stores like 7-Eleven, health food stores, and wholesale purchasing clubs like Costco. What he claims about his work life is that his companies create and market these products.

Adam Vincent Gilmer asserts that he has acquired more than 34 years of experience in direct sales, which encompasses direct-to-consumer, convenience stores, Multi-Level Marketing (MLM), and Merchandising platforms. He is happy with his professional abilities and the work that he has accomplished.

Adam is attempting to fulfill his desire to amass wealth. In his phony articles, Vincent Gilmer refers to the fact that his concentration is narrow: more specifically, how to enter the market and separate from the crowd. As an additional claim, Adam asserts that he can assist individuals in the distribution of their things by putting them in contact with experienced professionals. This is the phase where he makes sure to get his fair portion of the money in every “ups and downs.”

Adam Vincent Gilmer was able to demonstrate his professional job by stating that he is also the executive producer and producer of a film that is based on the best-selling book “Think and Grow Rich” written by Napoleon Hill. 

About THriV (Adam Vincent Gilmer’s company)

What the company THriV, which is owned by Adam Vincent Gilmer, asserts is that –

This company, THriV, Inc., is committed to the manufacturing and production of 100% USDA Certified Organic Food Products, which are raw plant-based sources of superfoods.

This organization’s goal is to supply the community with critical health goods that are of high quality and can be purchased at reasonable prices. In addition to production facilities, our network also comprises distributors, suppliers, and quality control that adheres to the highest standards. Through the sale of these vital health goods, we are dedicated to enhancing the health of people living in areas that are less fortunate economically. 

As a world-class organization that specializes in the production of nutritional supplements and nutraceuticals, Nutrition Science Laboratories (NSL) is responsible for conducting research and development on the products that THrV offers. The objective of NSL is to provide consumers with goods that have been scientifically proven, are of high quality, are highly effective, and provide considerable benefits for maintaining health and nutrition. 

Customers can believe that the product can perform the functions that are advertised on the packaging and that the product does what it claims to do. The quality of the product is an essential component in providing nutritional solutions, and government agencies are keeping a tight eye on the product’s potency, purity, and safety. THrV products provide persons who need assistance as well as regular people with the assurance that they are meeting the requirements of the regulations.

The entire thing is mentioned on their website, which is a false website that has information of a high quality to attract clients.

To promote himself, Adam Vincent Gilmer engages in false public relations and dishonest advertising. To build his credibility, he engages in deception and lies.

While Adam Vincent Gilmer is attempting to further his profession, he is employing questionable marketing methods and fake public relations articles. This is a tactic that scammers commonly employ since it lets them hide their criminal history and project an image of being a reliable business.

This tactic is widely utilized by scam artists since it enables them to conceal their criminal history and market themselves as a reliable business. The dissemination of incorrect information and lies is an example of fake public relations, which is an extremely dishonest practice. That’s exactly what Adam Vincent Gilmer has done as well.

This is something that Adam Vincent Gilmer has also accomplished. In the vast majority of purchased articles, the information is identical; the only difference is the language used. The following are some of the social media platforms and websites that he discusses concerning his professional image and his enthusiasm for his work.

Adam Vincent Gilmer: An in-depth examination of his work environment (as stated by him on social media networks) 

Understanding Business Development Workshops with Adam Vincent Gilmer

The many “Ups and Downs” that he encountered on his business path are acknowledged by Adam Vincent Gilmer. Adam hopes to provide advice and assistance to Independent Business Owners (IBOs) through his 3-, 5-, and 7-day Business Development Workshops. The goal of these workshops is to guide IBOs through the hurdles of entrepreneurship and assist them in understanding market demand. To find out the 2020 itinerary, get in touch with Adam directly, or use the “Events” link to view his calendar.

The 80-20 Rule for Time Management: An Introduction

As the main subject of the 8020365 Time Management Planner, Adam Vincent Gilmer presents the idea of the 80/20 Rule. The concept that a majority of outcomes, rewards, or causes (20%) frequently result from a minority of causes, inputs, or efforts (20%) is emphasized by this strategy (80% ROI). Spirit, Knowledge, Body, Time, People, and Finances are the six main pillars that the 8020365 Time Management System focuses on using the 80/20 rule. It also incorporates a Daily Planner, Calendar, and Journal.

Recognizing the 80-20 Rule’s Historical Background

Originating in the work of Italian economist Vilfredo Pareto in 1906, the 80-20 Rule is often referred to as Pareto’s Principle. Noting that 80% of the wealth was held by 20% of the population, Pareto noted the unequal distribution of wealth in his nation. It is important to acknowledge the importance of the rule in efficient administration, even though Dr. Joseph M. Juran popularized the name “Pareto’s Principle” in the late 1940s. Comprehending and utilizing the 80-20 Rule can greatly improve efficiency and judgment in several spheres of life and commerce, even though it is occasionally misinterpreted.

Let’s analyze Adam Vincent Gilmer’s reality and where he made money, above his vast professional environment and multiple income streams

Adam Vincent Gilmer- Jeunesse Global, LLC

Based on reports, Jeunesse Global, LLC is a skincare company that recruits sales distributors by making false claims about their earning potential through an allegedly illegal multilevel marketing system. This operation raises alarms.

Jeunesse was attacked in 2015 for making fraudulent revenue promises to persuade consumers to become distributors themselves by Truth in Advertising, Inc. (, an independent non-profit organization that investigates and exposes deceptive marketing claims and false advertising. In addition to outlining its conclusions in a warning letter to Jeunesse, threatened legal action by filing a formal complaint with the Federal Trade Commission and the Florida Attorney General. 

The questionable character of Jeunesse’s activities is further evidenced by’s discovery of over 100 instances of improper health claims about the potential of Jeunesse pills, lotions, and gels to cure cancer, lower blood pressure, eliminate psoriasis, and treat a host of other ailments.

Further undermining the legitimacy of Jeunesse’s claims is’s discovery of over 100 instances of unsuitable health claims about the product’s potential to treat a wide range of ailments, including cancer, psoriasis, decrease blood pressure, and vanish.

A lawsuit has been filed against Jeunesse since then on behalf of customers who later became distributors; it is thought that the company’s misleading methods caused the loss of hundreds of millions of dollars.

Adam Vincent Gilmer: What Is the Purported Pyramid Scheme of Jeunesse? 

At least two Jeunesse distributor pay systems rely on recruitment rather than product sales.

The public or “binary” compensation structure pays distributors at 14 ranks bonuses for recruiting and sponsoring new representatives and commissions from product and service sales to themselves and their recruits. Distributors make money by recruiting, a pyramid scheme because Jeunesse items are rarely sold to non-distributors.

An alleged secret, non-public compensation model attracts top-earning network marketers and their multilevel sales teams to Jeunesse. Under the hidden strategy, these distributors may be placed higher in the Jeunesse pyramid than those who earn no additional income.

To entice lower-level distributors, Jeunesse boasts that their business opportunity can make more than $26,000 per week and up to millions of dollars per year, although these claims are unsubstantiated. New entrants must spend $249.90 to $1,849.90 (a $49.95 beginning fee and $199.95 to $1,799.95 product bundles) to qualify for the public compensation plan. Distributors then receive “commissions” for selling more product bundles, mostly to themselves, along with the individuals they refer.

Distributors receive “commissions” when they and their recruits sell more product bundles, mostly to themselves.

Most Jeunesse members must recruit others or sell products to themselves to repay their initial investment due to the payout system. Jeunesse distributors at the bottom lost millions, while those at the top made millions. 

Adam Vincent Gilmer- Jeunesse Global Holdings LLC Claims

  • July 2019: Because the court lacked subject-matter jurisdiction, the case was dismissed.
  • Jeunesse submitted a move to compel arbitration in June 2019.
  • April 2019: The plaintiffs were granted until May 6, 2019, to file an amended lawsuit after the stay on this case was lifted.
  • March 2019: For unknown reasons, the primary plaintiff voluntarily withdrew the appeal. (11th Cir. Appellate Case No. 19-10125)
  • February 2019: Until the appeal is resolved, the parties decided to put the case on hold.
  • January 2019: The lead plaintiff filed a Notice of Appeal about the final approval of the settlement agreement after the Aboltin case settlement’s approval.
  • December 2018: In the Aboltin v. Jeunesse lawsuit, the principal plaintiff raised objections to the proposed settlement.
  • In November 2018, the case was placed on hold as a federal court considered a potential settlement in the Aboltin v. Jeunesse litigation, which is another Jeunesse complaint.
  • In August 2018, a class-action lawsuit was filed against Jeunesse and a prominent distributor named Kim Hui, accusing them of being involved in an illegal pyramid scheme that promised participants “wealth” and “streams of income” but never fulfilled.

Settlements for Adam Vincent Gilmer of Jeunesse Global Holdings LLC

As part of an alleged multi-level marketing scheme, those who sold Jeunesse skin care products could be eligible for compensation from a $2.5 million class action settlement.

A Florida resident accused Jeunesse of misleading him and other participants into a program that put the recruitment of new salespeople ahead of the actual selling of nutritional supplements and skincare items.

The plaintiff argued that by requiring distributors to purchase a “starter kit” to take part in the multi-level marketing program, Jeunesse was unfairly disadvantaged distributors.

The class action claims that Jeunesse’s anticipated earnings and sales did not materialize, leaving distributors with unsold and expired inventory.

As per the terms of the settlement, Jeunesse has consented to reimburse Class Members who purchased a starter kit to engage in the sale and distribution of skin care goods but did not realize any profit from their purchase. Jeunesse, however, maintains its denial of any misconduct.

People who bought Jeunesse items intending to resell them but were unable to do so and were consequently compelled to trash them may be considered Class Members.

Reimbursement for beginning kit purchases made by class members is limited to the package’s retail price, less any commissions or sales.

For things they keep but haven’t sold, other class members can get reimbursed up to 50% of the purchase price and 90% for products they discard.

To submit a claim, active distributors must stop operating by the settlement’s provisions. In addition, the settlement extends to the dates of January 1, 2010, and September 13, 2018.

November 26, 2018, is the deadline for class members to object to the settlement or opt out.

(Who qualifies?) Two categories comprise the class members:

Class Participants are those who “purchased a Starter Kit with the intent of building a business as a Jeunesse distributor, rather than simply being able to buy Jeunesse products at the distributor discount… then did not earn at least as much in sales commissions or product resale profits as [they]paid for the Starter Kit (which for most people was approximately $49).”

The class members also include anyone who “purchased one or more Jeunesse products from Jeunesse with the intent of reselling those products, but… were unsuccessful in reselling those products, and [they] either still have those products in unopened condition or discarded them.” 

Adam Vincent Gilmer- Jeunesse Global Holdings LLC Reviews

Jeunesse Global Holdings LLC is a corporation that operates at It was established by Wendy Lewis and Randy Ray, and it is a participant in the beauty and wellness market.

The purpose of this analysis is to assess whether Jeunesse is a viable option for people who are interested in starting a home-based direct sales business or whether it is a pyramid scheme.

Multi-level marketing, also known as MLM, is the principal advertising and distribution strategy that the corporation uses to market and distribute its products. In essence, rather than concentrating on product sales, distributors are urged to focus on recruiting new members into their downline.

The specifics of Jeunesse’s anti-aging goods and the legal conflicts it has encountered are not going to be discussed in this article; however, it is important to point out that the company has been involved in legal actions.

There have been a great number of complaints raised against Jeunesse, mainly about the effectiveness of its products and the business activities of its distributors.

A substantial number of individuals who have tried Jeunesse products have reported mixed results, with a significant number of negative evaluations outweighing the favorable ones. It is thought that Jeunesse distributors or staff are posting these reviews to counteract negative exposure.

High failure rates, often between 97% and 99%, are experienced by the majority of people who join multi-level marketing companies such as Jeunesse business.

It is necessary to make financial investments in a variety of fees, sales kits, advertising, marketing, and other charges to become a Jeunesse distributor. These investments ultimately benefit the top one percent of earnings within the organization.

The 30-day return policy that Jeunesse offers does not cover the cost of shipping, and there are additional requirements that must be satisfied to be eligible for a refund through the policy.

For the most part, we are unable to suggest Jeunesse as a credible option for the average person to generate a considerable income from the comfort of their own home.

One of Jeunesse’s customers voiced their displeasure with the company, claiming problems with the company’s customer service, product quality, and the absence of support from corporate executives during a significant occasion. Additionally, they condemned the firm for what they saw to be its emphasis on profit rather than client satisfaction, and they accused specific individuals linked with Jeunesse of placing a higher priority on financial gain than the wellbeing of customers.

Adam Vincent Gilmer’s Method Vincent Gilmer employed Jeunesse Global Holdings LLC as the name of his pyramid scheme

One kind of financial fraud is the use of pyramid schemes. They could appear to be respectable-looking financial opportunities. Pyramid schemes often offer the possibility of passive income generation and promise large returns for a small initial commitment. People must acquire goods or services or pay an admission fee to take part. After that, it is requested of these people to enlist more people in the program. The wealthiest earn the greatest salaries and receive a portion of the funds given by new hires. Particularly if no new hires are made, those at the bottom of the pyramid make next to nothing. 


In summary, serious questions about the company’s business methods and operational validity are raised by Adam Vincent Gilmer’s affiliation with Jeunesse Global Holdings LLC. To draw distributors, Jeunesse is alleged to have operated like a pyramid scheme, putting more emphasis on recruiting than on product sales and fabricating earnings statements.

These worries are intensified by Adam Vincent Gilmer’s claimed role in promoting Jeunesse’s business strategy and his affiliation with the company. Legal complaints and customer evaluations are just two of the sources that have questioned Jeunesse’s business practices, despite the company’s promises to offer premium organic products and help promote health and wellness.

The Jeunesse class action settlement also brings attention to the dubious business practices of the company and the possible harm done to distributors who made investments in its goods and business prospects.

The company’s history of legal issues and customer complaints, along with Adam Vincent Gilmer’s affiliation with Jeunesse Global Holdings LLC, raise doubts about the soundness of the business plan. When thinking about joining Jeunesse or any other MLM organization, consumers should proceed with caution. Comprehensive research is necessary before making any investments or commitments.

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